All You Want to Know About Shreya Rawat Biography

Shreya Rawat is a SpiceJet Airlines flight attendant and an air hostess. She is well-known as a Youtuber, Instagram model, and social media influencer. She began uploading videos to YouTube in March 2021, and her channel now has 50k subscribers.

She creates movies about cabin crew life, travel, beauty, food, and other aspects of her everyday routine. She also creates aviation-related information videos for anyone interested in working in the industry. On March 19, 1997, Shreya Rawat was born and raised in New Delhi, India. As of 2022, she is 25 years old.

One thing you should know about Shreya is that she recently left her work in the aviation industry and relocated to Canada to pursue her studies. She is convinced that relocating to Canada was the best decision she has ever made. Despite moving to Canada, she continued to Vlog because she believes she will always want to share some of the most important events in her life with her digital family.

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Even after moving to Canada, she is still associated with the aviation industry and keeps her subscribers informed about this industry through very informative videos. According to her saying, she wants to help maximum people in her life and because of this, she is still active on YouTube.

However, after moving to Canada, she no longer gets much time for vlogging because she has to manage both her job and study, and because of this she now makes vlogs only once a week.

We really wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors. Hope she will get immense success in her life and all her dreams may come true.

Final Conclusion on Shreya Rawat Biography

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