Why did Karna Marry Supriya In Mahabharata?

Why did Karna Marry Supriya?

Friends, if seen the Mahabharata is the world’s biggest epic, in which the war between the Kauravas and Pandavas for the throne of Hastinapur is described in detail.

However, we address this book from the perspective of the battle between Dharma and Adharma, rather than the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

We are all aware of what is  Karna’s significance in the Mahabharata epic. We all know that Duryodhana agreed to join the Mahabharata war with the Pandavas since he knew very well that Karna is a powerful and fierce warrior.

Duryodhana was selfish and arrogant and because of this, he manipulated Karna’s friendship hundreds of times. Today, we will tell you one such incident, in the aspirations that you would begin to dislike Duryodhana even more.

Karna Marry Supriya

By the way, no information about Karna’s wife is provided in even ten percent of what is described himself in the whole Mahabharata. Vrushali, Karna’s first wife, is mentioned in the Mahabharata tales, very little is spoken of his second wife, Supriya.

However, in this article, we will endeavor to include all absolutely extensive information about Supriya and Karna’s marriage. If you really want to know more about Karna’s wife Supriya then kindly please read this article, till the end.

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Actually, Karna and Supriya’s marriage is inexorably connected to Duryodhana’s marriage, and we all know that Duryodhana was married to Kalinga’s princess Bhanumati.

Supriya was Bhanumati’s childhood friend, and the two shared a great deal of love and affection with each other. That’s why Bhanumati is someone who had always spoken in the favour of Supriya too many times.

It all started when Supriya saw Karna at Bhanumati’s Swayamwar for the first time and fell in love with him at first sight. She also told Bhanumati about her emotions towards Karna, but she didn’t pay attention to what she said.

Then after a further terrible catastrophe happened on the occasion of Swayamwara when Duryodhana abducted Bhanumati from Kalinga and drove her to the country of Anga.

Duryodhana addressed Bhanumati with great respect after coming into Anga’s kingdom and invited her to marry him. It was also true that, no matter how evil Duryodhana was, He always respected his wife Bhanumati and always acknowledged her feelings.

Bhanumati may have fallen in love with Duryodhana because of his lovable temperament and that is the reason why she granted him permission to marry her.

Bhanumati’s Condition and Karna’s Dilemma

As we previously stated, Supriya was a close friend of Bhanumati and the two had a great deal of affection. As a result, when Duryodhana proposed to marry in front of Bhanumati, she had stated that she would marry him only if Karna would marry his friend Supriya.

Due to this condition of Bhanumati, both Duryodhana and Karna got confused because Karna was already married and he loved his wife Vrushali very much and because of this he immediately rejected this condition Bhanumati and also asked her to find some other way to marry Duryodhana.

Bhanumati, on the other hand, was serious about seeing Supriya married to Karna under whatever conditions as she knew that Karna was the only person with whom Supriya could be happy, and she wanted to get married them. It was only a matter of time until Karna married Supriya in order to keep his friendship with Duryodhana unbroken.

Final Conclusion on Why did Karna Marry Supriya In Mahabharata

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