Riddhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat Lovestory, Marriage and Divorce

Riddhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat Lovestory

However, there are some couples who, despite living with each other for a long time, do not understand each other and eventually get separated from each other. In one such couple, we can name Riddhi Dogra and Rakesh Bapat.

Riddhi Dobra’s ex-husband Raqesh Bapat’s name has been swirling in the television industry for some time, and one of the reasons for this is his participation in Karan Johar’s Big Boss OTT.

In this show, we saw him in a totally different light, and his relationship with Shamita Shetty drew a lot of attention in the media.

Right now he and Shamita Shetty is also dating each other in order to draw their relationship to a better future.

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Riddhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat Relationship

Raqesh Bapat and Riddhi Dogra first met in 2011 on the set of the TV show “Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak,” and their friendship flourished from there.

Following this, both of them began dating each other, and later next year they both also got married to each other.

Even after they married, their fans showered both of them with the same amount of affection as they did when they were dating.

These famous couples have shared numerous pictures of their married life with their followers on social media. There was a time when they were regarded as one of television’s most ideal couples.

Riddhi and Raqesh stunned the television industry when they both admitted to the media in the year 2019 that their marriage was over and that they had decided to separate from each other. 

Breakup Statement By Raqesh Bapat

"Yes, Ridhi and I have decided to separate. There is nothing bad and it's, in fact, a positive one. We are in a good space even now and will be the same forever. We are great friends and will continue to be the same always. We married as two best friends marrying each other and the special bond will always be there. Our friendship will always be there."                                                  

This news spread like wildfire all throughout the television industry, and it became very strange for their fans to accept the fact that they were now separated.

In fact, when Raqesh Bapat was going through a difficult time on BigBoss OTT, Riddhi was a massive supporter of Raqesh on social media.

In this way, despite being separated from one another, they both have a tremendous amount of respect for one another.

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