All You Want to Know About Ishan Goyal Love Story and Ishan Goyal Wife Weronika Goyal

Ishan Goyal Wife Weronika Goyal

Ishaa]n Goyal is a name that will be familiar to anyone who enjoys watching videos related to travel vlogging.

Ishan is a YouTuber and travel vlogger who travels throughout Europe and records and uploads all of his travel vlogs to his YouTube channel.

Ishaan is one of those people who is probably living a life that any normal Indian person can only dream of it. 

Talking more about Ishaan in detail then he runs a successful cosmetics business in Poland and comes from a wealthy family.

Weronika is his wife’s name, and she is a Polish woman. We will tell you about Ishan Goyal and Weronika Goyal’s love story today in this article.

Who is Ishan Goyal’s Wife?

Ishan Goyal’s wife’s name is Weronika and she basically hails from Polland.

In the year 2018, Ishaan and Weronika met in Poland, where the former was completing his industrial training.

The two first met through a mutual friend, and later on, they went on a trip to Budapest together with some of their mutual friends.

However, on their trip to Budapest, they were both surrounded by dozens number of friends, and due to this both did not get a chance to spend much time alone with each other.


However, after returning to Poland from a trip to Budapest, the two became very well intimately familiar and after this both of them used to frequently go for night walks with each other, resulting in a good friendship.

Ishan had a wonderful nature, and he obviously loved Weronika. As a result, she was attracted to him and was clearly feeling something for him. 

When Ishan had to go to Amsterdam after spending a lot of time with Weronika in Poland, he realized he was in love with her, and Weronika, of course, had some soft feelings for him in her heart as well.

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When Ishan went on a trip to Amsterdam with his friends, he was missing Weronika a lot and because of this he left his trip in the middle and came again to Poland so that he could spend time with her.

Despite the fact that Ishan is a very natural person when he returned from Poland, he told Weronika about his feelings and also proposed to her to get into a relationship, and of course, she also accepted his love proposal. 

Following that, they both went on a trip to Paris together, where they were able to spend a lot of time with each other.

4 Months of Long Distance Relationship

Ishan’s industrial training came to an end after a short time, and he later returned to India.

However, this had no impact on his and Weronika’s relationship. After that, he and his partner were in a long-distance relationship for nearly four months.

Ishan Goyal Love Story and Ishan Goyal Wife Weronika Goyal

After being in a long-distance relationship for about four months, the two were reunited when Weronika traveled to India with her friends.

Following Weronika’s arrival in India, Ishan took her and her friends on a tour of the country, greeted everyone nicely and that thing make Weronika much impressed with the nature of Ishan.

The Final Destination

The interesting aspect of Ishan and Weronika’s relationship is that until now, none of Ishan’s family members were aware of his relationship with Weronika.

When Weronika returned to India to attend the wedding of Ishan’s elder brother, Ishan informed his family of his and Weronika’s relationship and made it clear that he only wanted to marry her.

Ishan presumed that his family would be hesitant to accept a Polish woman as their daughter-in-law, but to his surprise, his family members accepted Weronika without hesitation.

If we talk about Weronica, she was raised in the Polish culture, where love marriages are very common and that’s why she had no issues at all.

Actually, Ishaan and Weronika were planning a grand wedding in Paris, but due to Covid-19, they have both had done court marriage and are planning a grand wedding with each other next year as per Indian customs.

Both of them are currently very busy traveling while also managing their respective businesses.

Final Conclusion on Ishan Goyal Wife and Ishan Goyal Love Story

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