Is Alma Better Fake?

Is Alma Better Fake?

Friends, before you read this article, we want to clear it that this article has been written by reviewing an answer from Quora. We have nothing to do with this article. For this reason, before reaching any decision, you must check this article once.

They accept students from all backgrounds, whether they are new or experienced, whether they are B. Tech or non-B.Tech. You can simply pay the admission fee and walk in. However, once you begin learning, you will realize that the courses are not intended for beginners. Everything will feel rushed.

Their website claims that they will teach you everything from the ground up. However, unless you have basic programming or data science skills, you will not be able to survive there for more than 30 days.

Their course materials are extremely poor. You cannot rely on the materials to learn even the basics of a job. And, amusingly, their quizzes at the end of each chapter include questions that do not pertain to the chapter.

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There are Problems with Themselves

Their quizzes include questions that are unrelated to the reading material. So, unless you already know something about programming or data science, answering those questions will be difficult. During the mock interviews, they will ask you questions that you did not study in the course materials or lecture videos.

It is a sure way for students who put their entire faith in AlmaBetter’s teachings to pass the course and get a job to fail. Let me tell you about their business model, also known as the trick model.

They understand that if they promise a refund of the payment (security deposit) after course completion, students from all walks of life will enroll. Furthermore, as they have kept the course difficulty level too tough, only the experienced candidates or topper candidates will pass through the course.

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In the end, according to the statistics, more than 90 students will drop out or fail the course. This will leave AlmaBetter with the security deposits they took at the beginning, as the students will be unable to claim the deposits because they were unable to join their AlmaX group due to a failed interview and selection process.

And the good candidates, who would have gotten a job even if AlmaBetter did not exist, end up paying $10,000 out of their salary for the next 20 months.

I Had the Worst Experience With Them

I was going through the AlmaBetter community and found a student complaining that even after fulfilling all the criteria for getting selected to AlmaX, she was not selected. She was not even getting replies from AlmaBetter on this matter.

Curiously, I went to check her community profile. Do you know what I found? I found that she was from a non-technical background. She had done general graduation. There is no way a company will hire a non-mathematical or non-statistical student for data science jobs only because the student is in AlmaBetter.

AlmaBetter knows this fact. And looking at AlmaBetter’s attitude, I can say that AlmaBetter gives preference to only those students who have good academic backgrounds and candidates who have good professional backgrounds. If you do not have one of these or both, you cannot get placement via AlmaBetter.

And you are well aware that in India if two students from the same college are chosen for a campus placement, the college advertises those students’ faces for several years in order to attract new students. The same is true for AlmaBetter.

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What You Must Be Aware of?

Visit their websites and look at the promises they make about partnering with top companies. However, consider the 4-5 students whose faces are advertised on their website, as well as the companies where these students are placed. I’m sure you’ve never heard of the companies where these students have interned.

So, if you do not have a B.Tech or a computer science degree, and if you do not have programming or data science degrees/certifications and professional backgrounds, please avoid AlmaBetter. You will lose money just like I did! This isn’t a tirade.

This is the truth I’m speaking of. I hold no ill will toward the company. I’m just upset that they don’t publicize the truth on their website. Their business model is simply to steal money from students. The security deposit they request may not be large for some students, but it can be for the majority.

So, if you are attaching your dreams to that security deposit and AlmaBetter, please be cautious; you are in for a hell of a ride that will surely take you to hell if your background is weak. 

Final Conclusion on Is Alma Better Fake?

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