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All You Want to Know About Sab Badhiya He YouTube Channel

Sab Badhiya He YouTube Channel

Friends, we all know very well that there is a huge difference between education in India and education in foreign countries.

In fact, if we speak the truth then the educational system of foreign countries like the USA is much better than the educational system of India and due to this reason, in today’s time, too many graduates of India want to go to the USA to complete their higher education.

As previously stated, everyone wishes to study in a foreign country, but only a few people are able to do so and complete their studies.

In fact, many foreign countries have made the rules for student education very simple in recent years, and as a result, many students no longer face significant difficulties in gaining admission to the world’s most prestigious universities in order to complete their education.

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So, basically in this article, we are going to discuss one such personality who basically belongs from India and had studied from the USA and currently also pursuing his job in the same country and the name of this person is Aakash, who is also the owner of the YouTube channel named “Sab Badhiya He”.

Sab Badhiya He YouTube Channel – Most Important Information

“Sab Badhiya He”, YouTube channel was started by a person named Akash, who is basically living in the USA and is also doing the job there.

Aakash originally hails from a small village from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, an important state of India, and took admission to a reputed university in the USA in the year 2016 and in the year 2018, he had obtained this degree and later this year he also obtained one really high paying job too.

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Aakash is a popular vlogger who keeps making videos related to America’s lifestyle for Indian people and also gives some very important information about how people can survive in the USA.

Along with this, he has also made many videos related to how to get an education in the USA and the information given by him is so valuable that if someone wants to go for USA study then it can prove to be very important for them.

Despite living in the USA for so long, Akash has not forgotten Indian culture and values ​​at all. In fact, whenever he gets free time, he definitely comes to India and definitely takes a visit to his village.

According to Aakash, he has been very fond of teaching since the beginning and this is the main reason, whenever he comes to India, he definitely goes to teach the children of his village’s government school and shares some valuable information about the United States lifestyle with the students of the school.

Final Conclusion on Sab Badhiya He YouTube Channel

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