Sanchi Marwah and Nitish Rana Love Story

Nitish Rana Love Story

Nitish Rana is a major star in Indian domestic cricket and the Indian Premier League.

This batsman, who has representing  Delhi in the Ranji Trophy and Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL, is a very talented player who has helped his team win many matches through his excellent batting.

Nitish has also been successful in gaining a place in the Indian cricket team as a result of his outstanding cricketing abilities, and he made his national cricket team debut during the Indian cricket team’s tour of Sri Lanka in 2021.

If we do go into more detail about Nitish Rana’s IPL career, you’ll notice that he began his IPL career with the Mumbai Indians.

Nitish looked impressive for Mumbai in the IPL, and as a result, he was bought by KKR in the 2018 auction, and he has remained an important member of the team since then.

Nitish Rana Love Story

You all probably know many things about Nitish’s professional career and for this reason ah we will try to give you more information about Nitish Rana’s high unheard story like his love story and his wife Sanchi Marwah.

Sanchi Marwah and Nitish Rana Love Story

When Nitish Rana was recently invited to Kapil Sharma’s show with some of the Indian cricket team’s cricketers, he made some very important revelations about his and Sanchi’s love story.

According to him, he has been looking forward to his marriage since he was a child, which is why he married Sanchi Marwah at the age of 25.

According to Nitish, he enjoyed both football and cricket and would frequently go to play football with his brother and his friends.

Actually, Nitish’s elder brother’s friend, Param, used to come there to play football, and his sister, Sanchi Marwah, used to come there frequently to watch football matches, and it was from this place that Nitish and Sanchi’s love story began.

Nitish liked Sanchi at first sight, and when he found out that she was Param’s sister, he messaged her, and the two of them began talking to each other, eventually becoming very good friends, and then started dating each other.

Nitish Rana Wife Nitish Rana Love Story

News channels and media personalities were also unaware of Nitish Rana and Sanchi Marwah’s relationship, possibly because Nitish was not well-known at the time.

Nitish, on the other hand, surprised the cricketing world in 2018 when he got engaged to Sanchi Marwah and revealed his relationship with her to the world.

Nitish married her the following year, bringing their relationship to a new level. Nitish and Sanchi are getting along pretty smoothly with each other these days.

Sanchi does not Like Cricket

Sanchi Marwah stated in one of his interviews that she is a passionate interior designer who does not enjoy watching or talking about cricket.

In her interview, she also stated that she and Nitish spend a lot of time together but they still don’t talk much about cricket with each other.

Another interesting fact is that, despite the fact that Sanchi does not enjoy watching cricket or talking about cricket, she frequently visits the stadium to support her husband Nitish Rana. Sanchi has been seen cheering for Nitish Rana in so many of Kolkata Knight Riders’ matches.

Final Conclusion on Sanchi Marwah and Nitish Rana Love Story

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