Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel: The Story of Couple Who is Living Their Dream to Travel the Whole World

Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel: The Story of Couple Who is Living Their Dream to Travel the Whole World

Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel – Friends, who do not like to travel? We all must travel somewhere in our lives to roam. In today’s time, when you open YouTube, you will find many people who are you are making money only by traveling and the whole world and also fulfilling their dreams to travel the whole world.

Eventually, travel blogging can surely makes you reach as you can earn a decent amount of money by making various videos in a domain like travel Vlogging.

By the way, many people nowadays making their career in travel Vlogging, and many such individuals and couples have become famous all over the world solely because of their travel vlogs. Gabriel and Annette are also those individuals who are enjoying their journey as travel vloggers. 

Here we want to tell you that Gabriel and Annette are husband-wife and so far both have traveled to many countries so far and they both mostly travel into Asia’s countries to save their cost in their travel journey. They are both also running their own YouTube channel named “Chase for Adventure” in order to share their vlogs with their followers and subscribers.

Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel: The Story of Couple Who is Living Their Dream to Travel the Whole World
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Who are Gabriel and Annette?

Gabriel and Annette both live in Australia and married in the year 2015. Both knew each other well before they married, and both worked in high-paying occupations. Annette, on the other hand, has always loved to travel, and when she told her husband about her desire, co-incidentally her husband also have the same hobby. 

Gabriel and Annette were both frustrated with their 9-5 jobs since they believed that working for someone else would never allow them to achieve their goals.

Both of them had a hypothalamus reminding them that they should earn money for themselves by working for someone else, but they would never be able to comprehend their dream, so they chose to leave their high-paying jobs to follow their dream of traveling the whole world. 

How did Chase for Adventure Couple Started Travelling?

Another thing worth noting about Gabriel and Annette is that both of them sold their job as well as their house to travel and because of this both were able to raise a fund of $15000.

Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel: The Story of Couple Who is Living Their Dream to Travel the Whole World
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Both of them were well aware that they could not visit the entire world for such a tiny chunk of money, but they also knew that they both could easily roam around the countries of Asia and that is the reason why they had decided to go to Thailand and Bangkok for their first-ever traveling destination.

Annette is a traveler as well as a digital marketer who makes a lot of money through internet platforms, which is something you should know about her. Her spouse Gabriel, on the other hand, enjoys shooting videos and editing them effectively. That was the reason why they both had decided to work on internet platforms to cover the entire expense of their journey.

The face of Ultimate and the Biggest Struggle of their life

Initially, Annette and Gabriel had a lot of fun on their journey and both of them toured passionately with each other in 3-4 Asian countries, but due to this, both of them were unable to complete their professional responsibilities, and the situation ultimately changed. It got to the point when both of their funds were completely exhausted, and they had no choice except to return to Australia.

After returning to Australia, they discovered that if they wanted to fly, they would have to keep their expenses under control and also have to stick with their professional responsibilities during their free time. However, their journey after traveling back to Australia from Thailand was not simple. 

After Coming back to Australia they both firstly find one home for the rent and also both of them worked for almost nearly 4 months to regenerate all the expenses for their upcoming projects. Annette who was a professional digital marketer has worked as a freelancer on various social media platforms and Gabriel also worked as a bartender.

Restarting the Travelling Journey Again

Friends, one thing worth noting here is that Gabriel and Annette did not let unfavorable situations control them. They had conquered all of the difficulties together and had also decided to follow their travel dreams yet again. If there had been another pair, perhaps after overcoming the difficulties, they would have engaged in some other occupation.

Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel: The Story of Couple Who is Living Their Dream to Travel the Whole World

Annette and Gabriel set off on their adventure again, forgetting all their previous struggles, and this time they landed with such enthusiasm that success had to bow down at their feet. In today’s time, both are acknowledged as very successful travel vloggers with such high net worth and recognition in the same domain. 

Friends, we all know that due to Covid 19, everyone was forced to stay in their homes due to the lockdown, and it also significantly impacted this YouTube couple named Chase for adventure. They were both in Thailand at the time of the Pandemic and were trapped in a country called Bangkok, and Annette was also pregnant at the time, so she gave birth to her baby girl in Bangkok.

Final Conclusion on Chase for Adventure YouTube Channel Couple

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