From College Drop-Out to Software Engineer: Aaron and Ash Biography

Aaron and Ash Biography: From College Drop-Out to Software Engineer

Today, I wanted to share with you why it took me ten years to complete my college education.

Before I get into the narrative, though, I have a question for you: What do you think my GPA was after two years of college? Just put it down below, and I’ll share the answer around halfway down the post.

I attended Montclair State when it all began, where I majored in business administration rather than computer science.

I was continually disoriented and struck a brick wall shortly. I felt like I didn’t know how to ask for help because I didn’t know how to use the system, register, submit assignments, etc.

I felt more and more isolated from the rest of my peers because I was like wow they have it all put together, they know what to do next and I’m just out here lost.

My Story of Depression – Aaron and Ash Biography

I don’t belong, and whether it was sadness or not, I didn’t want to leave my room and preferred to remain inside all the time.

Sometimes, in order to stop my parents from bothering me, I would just drive and only leave my house. My parents would then stop bothering me and believe that I was going to school, and I would just park outside, not get out, listen to music, and wait until six, seven, eight, or nine to arrive at the end of class before returning home.

Aaron and Ash Biography

I didn’t do that just once; I did it numerous times. and in retrospect, that was like me going through like this difficult moment like depression.

It really affected the way I viewed myself, and my self-esteem. it affected like like my ability to learn and inside of me I was like hey I know. I’m smart I know I can do things. I know I can do better why am I feeling so down.

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Where Did I Work After Graduating From College?

After graduating from college, I worked as a laborer, a demolition guy, a painter, a carpenter, a mason, an accountant, a bookkeeper, a photographer, a graphic designer, a bookkeeper, a cashier in retail, an Amazon warehouse, a carpenter for many years there, a garbage man for a day, and even as a garbage man in New York City.

I didn’t work at these jobs because I was seeking my passion; rather, I just took them all when opportunities presented themselves without really being purposeful or working toward my goals.

Final Conclusion on Aaron and Ash Biography : From College Drop-Out to Software Engineer

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