Why Did Duryodhana Want to Marry Subhadra?

Duryodhana is a prime character in the story of a Mahabharata. It would be fair to say that it was his selfishness and arrogancy that were the main reason behind the war of Mahabharata in which the Kuru dynasty was totally destroyed.

Shri Krishna tried to convince Duryodhana many times. But Duryodhana, who was intoxicated with power and ego, did not listen to a single word of Shri Krishna and finally, he becomes responsible for a very fierce war of Mahabharata which took place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

How many of you know that Balrama (Shri Krishna’s elder brother) was a mentor of Duryodhana? Yes, you read it right. Balrama taught Duryodhana the game of wrestling and that’s why Duryodhana considered him as his mentor.

In this article, we will discuss the unique story between Duryodhana and Subhadra which took place on the soil of Dwarka. If you really want to know more about this story then kindly read this article till the end.

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Shakuni’s Unethical Advice to Duryodhana

Shakuni was a maternal uncle of Kauravas. He was the brother of Dhritrashtra’s wife Gandhari. We all know that Shakuni was a very big swindler and he always wanted to have a war between Kauravas and Pandavas. He often used to inspire Duryodhana to fight with Pandavas.

Shakuni knew very well that Shri Krishna is the well-wisher of the Pandavas and if there is a war happened between the Pandavas of the Kauravas, then he will always support the Pandavas because they were his distant relatives. That’s why he always wanted Shri Krishna to be the side of Kauravas.

But he also knew that it was possible as Shri Krishna was a true believer of Dharma and had always done the right things in his entire life. That’s why Shakuni made one ploy to involve Shri Krishna and Yadavas in Kaurava’s side.

Shakuni’s Advice Duryodhana to marry Subhadra.

Shakuni knew very well that Shri Krishna is very powerful and if he fights on the side of Pandavas, then Kauravas will certainly going to defeat. That is the reason why he wanted to bring Shri Krishna on the side of Kauravas to defeat Pandavas single-handedly.

Shakuni knew that Duryodhana was Balarama’s favorite disciple. He was also well aware that if Duryodhana asks anything from Balrama then he would never able to deny any of his demands. That’s why Shakuni asked Duryodhana to marry Subhadra.

Shakuni said to Duryodhana that if he marries Subhadra, then Shri Krishna and Dwarka will have to support the Kauravas in the war even if they do not want to do it and if the Kauravas will get the support of Shri Krishna, then the Pandavas will never be able to defeat them. That was the actual ploy behind Duryodhana’s decision to marry Shri Krishna’s sister Subhadra.

Shri Krishna smartly handled the situation.

At the behest of Duryodhana, Balarama had fixed Subhadra’s marriage with him, but Shri Krishna and Subhadra did not want any kind of relationship with Duryodhana. But both of them were helpless before Balarama’s decision.

Shri Krishna knew that Subhadra was in love with his dear friend Arjuna. That’s why Shri Krishna did one disciple and asked Arjuna to abduct Subhadra from the marriage hall. Arjuna did the same and later he also got married to her.

So in this way, Shri Krishna once again foiled the tricks of Duryodhana and Shakuni. When Arjuna told Draupadi about Shri Krishna’s order, she agreed to accept Subhadra as the second wife of her beloved husband Arjuna.

Why Did Duryodhana Want to Marry Subhadra

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