Why Did Duryodhana Marry Bhanumati?

Friends, there are many characters in Mahabharata. Each character has its own importance. But out of all these characters, there are many characters that have not been given much importance and Duryodhana’s wife Bhanumati was one of them.

Bhanumati was the daughter of King Chitragand of Kamboj and she was a very beautiful girl. It is said that she was so beautiful that discussions about her beauty were happening throughout Aryavrata.

When Bhanumati grew up, her beauty had increased even more. The king of Kamboja finally announced a swayamvar for her marriage. This swayamvara was of some special kind and according to the condition of this swayamvara, Bhanumati was herself going to choose a groom.

Bhanumati’s Swayamvara was being discussed in all Aryavrata because she was very beautiful. Hastinapur was also invited to attend her swayamvara but Duryodhana was less interested in attending this function.

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When Shakuni changed the mind of Duryodhana

Friends, as we have already said, Duryodhana was not interested in attending Bhanumati’s Swayamvar. But Shakuni wanted him to go to that function to won Bhanumati as his wife.

Shakuni explained to Duryodhana that Bhanumati is a very beautiful girl and by marrying such a girl, his pride and passion will increase even more, and the respect of Hastinapur will also increase.

Eventually, Shakuni was successful in convincing Duryodhana. He got ready to go to Bhanumati’s swayamvar. Then after Duryodhana along with his friend Karna participated in Bhanumati’s swayamvara.

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When Duryodhana fell in love with Bhanumati

When Duryodhana reached Kamboj to attend Bhanumati’s Swayamvar with his friend Karna, all the great kings of Aryavarta were already there. The amazing beauty of Bhanumati had attracted all the kings towards her. In fact, every king wanted to marry her at that time.

When Bhanumati first came to the court of Kamboja, Duryodhana fell in love with her at first sight. He told his friend Karna that he now wants to marry only Bhanumati.

Duryodhana was proud of the fact that he was the future king of Hastinapur and was quite assure that Bhanumati would choose him as her husband. But the truth is that Bhanumati didn’t even watch him properly and moved ahead.

Due to this behavior of Bhanumati, Duryodhana felt that he had been insulted in Kamboja. He wanted to marry her by any means. That’s why he along with his beloved friend Karna abducted her from Swayamwar.

Duryodhana’s this behavior was opposed by all the kings sitting there, but Karna defeated all of them and thus Duryodhana won Bhanumati.

Duryodhana’s relationship with Bhanumati

It is clearly mentioned in the stories of Mahabharata that Duryodhana had kidnapped Bhanumati and brought her to Hastinapur. After this he and Bhanumati were also married in Hastinapur.

After marriage with Duryodhana, Bhanumati gave birth to a son and a daughter. Their son’s name was Lakshman and their daughter’s name was Lakshmana. Lakshmana was married to Samba, the son of Shri Krishna.

The best thing about Duryodhana that he was very loyal to his wife Bhanumati. That’s why he never married another woman unlike the other characters of Mahabharata like Arjuna, Pandu, and Karna and I personally think that this was one of the best qualities of the main antagonist of Mahabharata, Duryodhana.

There are also some certain events which has been mentioned clearly that Duryodhana always respected Bhanumati as his wife and tried to love her as much as possible from his end. That’s why I rate Duryodhana highly as a husband and a father.

Final words on Why did Duryodhana Marry Bhanumati

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