Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala

Why Did Krishna Choose Arjuna Instead of Karna?

Why Did Krishna Choose Arjuna

Friends, we all know that Mahabharata is the biggest and most ancient text of India and from this book, we can learn about many such things, with the help of which we can easily reach new heights of progress in our life.

If you were born in a typical Indian family, then you must have got advice from your grandparents and parents to read Mahabharata once in your life.

By the way, Mahabharata’s story is so vast that many characters have been discussed in this story and all types of small and big characters have their own importance. However, Shri Krishna, Arjun, Karna, Draupadi, and Duryodhana are the primary characters in this story, in my opinion.

Friendship is the tale of the Mahabharata?

The war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas for the throne of Hastinapur is the central theme of the Mahabharata epic, but there are two such friendships mentioned in the narrative that the world remembers its till the date and these friendship stories have belonged to Duryodhana-Karna and Shri- Krishna Arjuna.

 In this tale, these four people have spoken many things about friendship that the rest of the world may not able to get it again in a similar pattern in the future.

Why did Krishna Kill Shishupala
Why Did Krishna Go to Hastinapur?

Why did Karna Support Duryodhana in Mahabharata War?

Why Did Duryodhana Want to Marry Subhadra?

In the stories of Mahabharata, there is a mention of such a friendship between Karna and Duryodhana, due to which Karna, knowing that he is the elder brother of Pandavas he decided to take a part in the war in the side of Duryodhana and made his best efforts to win a war against the Pandavas.

On the other hand, Shri Krishna had always supported Arjuna in the war, giving all possible help to him in the war, and also ignited a new example of friendship in the world.

Why did Krishna Choose Arjuna as his Partner?

This question has been asked many times in the stories of Mahabharata, why did Shri Krishna choose Arjuna as his companion and why did he support him during the war of Mahabharata? I’ll try my best to give answers to this question.

Friends, we all know that Arjuna was very close to Shri Krishna from the start and that he admired everything about him. As a result, he was very close to Shri Krishna. This is absolutely correct that out of all the Pandavas, Shri Krishna had the most faith in Arjuna and that was the most probable reason why he chooses Arjuna as his partner. 

Another reason for Shri Krishna’s support for Arjuna was that Arjuna had married his sister Subhadra, and that’s why he was his brother-in-law. Apart from that, Kunti was Shri Krishna’s aunt, therefore Shri Krishna had relations with him similar to brother and brother-in-law both and it’s possible that this is why he chose Arjuna.

What was the main reason?

Above mentioned both the theories are very well popular amongst the people of India. But now I am going to tell you the exact reason why Shri Krishna Choose Arjuna Instead of Karna and I am also quite sure that you are also going to agree with me for the same.

As we all know that Shri Krishna was the most religiously knowledgeable person in the stories of Mahabharata. He was some sort of person who always supported Dharma (Religion) and had always raised his voice against unrighteousness. All of these attributes were automatically infused in Arjuna as a result of his association with Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna stood with Arjuna and was friends with him, but it did not mean that he disliked Karna. Karna and Shri Krishna, in fact, had a considerable measure of respect for one another. Karna was a devotee of Shri Krishna that’s why he encouraged his friend Duryodhana to primarily choose Shri Krishna in his side but Duryodhana didn’t even listen to him and lost the war of the Mahabharata. 

Shri Krishna was always pro-religious, and he sensed that Duryodhana was unrighteous and that he was leading his friend Karna down the path of unrighteousness as well. As a result, Karna was convinced to leave Duryodhana’s side, but he did not heed Shri Krishna’s teachings for the sake of friendship.

Final Words on Why Did Krishna Choose Arjuna

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