Danielle and AB De Villiers Love Story is Pure Love

AB De Villiers Love Story

Friends, we all know that AB De Villers is still counted as the best cricket batsman in the world. He plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL and with his magical performances, he has won many matches for this team.

Seeing his batting, you can clearly guess that he can hit every type of cricketing stroke in every part of the ground and this is the main reason why he is also known as the Mr.360 amongst the cricket fans.

Talking more about ABD, you all know very well that his international cricket career has also been very good. He had also captained the South African cricket team for a long time, but he could never win the team the World Cup under his captaincy and he could not be a part of the World Cup-winning team in his cricketing career.

Talking about ABD’s personal life, his wife’s name is Danielle and she is an entrepreneur living in South Africa and she had a love marriage with ABD in the year 2013.

The love story of ABD and Danielle is very interesting and every cricket fan must know this story. Let us today try to tell you about the wonderful love story of De Villiers through this article.

What is AB De Villiers Love Story?

AB De Villiers first met Danielle during the opening of a restaurant set up by Danielle’s father.

In their first meeting, ABD had only formal conversations with Danielle and there was no special acquaintance happened between the two at that time.

After their first meeting in 2007, both of them could not meet each other for a long time as both had become very busy in their professional careers.

In fact, ABD had become so busy in his cricket career that he might not have even remembered that he had gone to the opening of a restaurant and had a meeting with a girl there.

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However, their destiny has some other plans and for this reason, after a year and a half after their first meeting, ABD and Danielle once again met at the former’s elder brother’s wedding.

After this meeting, both of them had a good bonding and both had become very good friends. But after this, both got a chance to spend time with each other when Danielle shifted himself to the city of ABD in Capetown. It was during these times that both of them also fell in love with each other.

In the year 2012, when ABD came to India to play IPL, his girlfriend Danielle had also come with him. Taking advantage of this opportunity, ABD also proposed to his girlfriend Danielle for marriage outside the Taj Mahal in the year 2012, and he also captured his proposal moment with the help of a couple of RCB’s support staff.

Danielle had accepted ABD’s proposal without any hesitation at that time because she too fell in love with him. After this, both the couple got married after 1 year of this proposal in 2013 in the same hotel where they had their first meeting. Apart from their family members, many South African cricketers were also present during their marriage ceremony.

Final Conclusion on AB De Villiers Love Story

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