Armaan Malik Family Fitness Love Story: Armaan Malik Family Fitness Wife

Armaan Malik Family Fitness Wife

Friends, if you are very active on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, then all of you will be very well acquainted with the name of Armaan Malik.

Armaan Malik is a social media influencer and at the same time he also runs a YouTube channel named Family Fitness and he is also followed by millions of people on social media in today’s time.

Armaan Malik is one of the few people on social media who is not famous for his talent, but he is famous only because he has done two marriages and he lives with both his wife and one child and also makes family vlogs with them.

His first wife’s name is Payal Malik and while his second wife’s name is Kritika Malik. Armaan’s wives are very beautiful and both of them are also fitness freaks like Armaan Malik.

So, in this article, we are going to share all the things related to Armaan Malik’s wife and his love story in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article, till the end.

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Armaan Malik Family Fitness Love Story

Armaan Malik and his first wife Payal have also done love marriage. Armaan and Payal first met in the year 2011 in a bank where Payal was working as a loan manager at the same place.

After their first meeting, both of them started spending time with each other and due to this, both of them fell in love with each other after some time both of them also got married with the permission of each other’s family.

Armaan Malik and Payal’s married life went very well for almost 7 years. Actually, during that time, they both were also blessed with a baby boy named Chiku and this is the biggest reason why the happiness of both of them had increased even more. But Payal had yet to learn a big lesson in life.

In the year 2018, Payal met a social media influencer Kritika Malik while she was doing a beauty parlor course at that time. Both used to live close to each other’s house and that’s why their friendship with each other grew more and more with the time.

Kritika frequently visited Payal’s house after their friendship grew stronger, and as a result, she met Armaan Malik, who was equally impressed by Payal’s beauty and good nature.

Armaan was always so fascinated with Kritika that he could not even help but fall in love with her and propose to her. After thinking for some time,  Kritika also agreed to marry Armaan, and the two of them were later got married in a courtroom. 

Armaan and Kritika had married each other without informing any of their family members and because of this, when their family members came to know about their marriage, they were very much shocked and especially Payal that she could not believe that Armaan had cheated on her and got married again to her best friend Kritika.

At the end of the day, Payal accepts her husband Armaan and her best friend Kritika Malik’s relationship after enduring the drama that happens in every household due to the illegal marriage of a person.

Here we will call Payal Malik very generous-hearted because she is really very great who has accepted her husband’s second wife and decided to stay with her to save her married life with Armaan.

According to Armaan Malik, he has not cheated Payal because according to his belief, he would have been cheating on Payal if he had an illegal affair with Kritika and he would never tell anything to Payal.

According to him, he loves both his wives equally and this is the prime reason why they all are living their life very happily with each other.

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