Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India

Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India?

Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India?

Friends, we all know that cricket is worshipped in India as a religion, and cricketers are worshipped as Divine beings.

People in India are so fascinated with cricket that they can’t stay away from it even if they try that is one of the reasons why every Indian child dreams of being a cricketer at some point in their life.

Cricket is such a popular sport in India that many individuals forego their normal activities to watch cricket matches for the entire day.

But do you know how crucial commentary is when watching cricket matches? Actually, cricket commentary is one of those things that boost the game’s overall attractiveness.

Until 2010, only English commentators ruled the world of cricket commentary in India, and no one gave much priority to those who performed cricket commentary in Hindi since it was engrained in the minds of the people that Hindi commentators were a waste of time and they all are also unappealing.

Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India
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But after the 2011 World Cup, a new chapter started in the world of Hindi commentary in India when Kapil Dev and Navjot Singh Sidhu entered the world of Hindi commentary.

Actually, Navjot Singh Sidhu became very famous by doing cricket commentary in the style of poetry.

In today’s time, there are numbers of Hindi cricket commentators are already available in India and the major names in this domain are Aakash Chopra, RP Singh, Virendra Sehwag, Parthiv Patel, and many more.

Many times people ask the question of who is the best Hindi commentator of all time. So, In this article, we are going to clarify the answer to this question.

Aakash Chopra is the best Hindi Cricket Commentator

Many people will disagree with the fact that Aakash Chopra is presently India’s biggest and most influential Hindi commentator.

But I truly believe that he is a household name in Hindi cricket commentary at this time, and I shall write this entire blog to substantiate my statement.

Friends, we all know that Aakash Chopra’s cricketing career was not terribly noteworthy, and he was dropped from the team almost as soon as he joined the Indian side.

He is someone who was unable to put in remarkable performances in the IPL. However, his domestic cricket record is excellent, and as a result, he has a depth of cricket information.

Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India

The most significant aspect of Aakash Chopra’s commentary is that he is extremely blunt in all circumstances and talks to the point.

He may not have played much international cricket compared to commentators like Virender Sehwag and Sanjay Bangar, but I believe his love for the game and grasp of the game is far greater than that of other Hindi commentators.

Why some people Don’t Like Aakash Chopra?

From the beginning, Aakash Chopra has been known for never speaking in support of or praising any particular cricketer.

One thing about Akash you would like to know about is that he praises for who do well and criticizes those who do plays poorly, which is probably why so many people seem to hate him.

Many people also argue that since Aakash Chopra hasn’t accomplished anything noteworthy in his international cricket career, he has no right to criticize other cricketers.

We’ve seen Aakash Chopra raise numerous doubts about Dhoni’s career, and as a result, the majority of Dhoni’s followers dislike Aakash Chopra.

Kohli and RCB fans have a similar story to tell.

I acknowledge that Aakash Chopra is a huge admirer of the Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma, and as a result, he frequently criticizes Kohli and talks about making Rohit Sharma the captain at least in the T20 format.

As a result, many RCB supporters dislike him and frequently try to troll him on social media.

Who is the Best Hindi Cricket Commentator in India

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