Why Indian Cricketers are so Fluent in the English Language?

Cricket is considered a religion in India. Every Indian boy once in his lifetime thinks about adopting cricket as his futuristic career because someone can earn a huge amount of money and fame by becoming an international cricketer. That is the reason why cricket is the most popular sport in India.

Have you ever seen a post-match presentation or interviews of Indian cricketers in any event? I am quite sure that you all have seen the post-match presentations and interviews of many famous cricketers. But, have you ever thought that how all the cricketers can speak the English language with so much fluency?

You are probably thinking that maybe the command of the English language is also one of the selection criteria of the BCCI to select any cricketer for the national team. No, this thing is a total myth. BCCI choose any player in the national team considering two things I think.

The first one is the present form of any player and the second one is the player’s fitness reports. If any player fails in this criteria then BCCI let them be left out from the squad.

If you are an old fan of the Indian Cricket Team then you are must aware that players like Virendra Sehwag and Ravindra Jadeja were also not so fluent in the English language in the initial days of their career. But nowadays they all are addressing themselves in the English language in a proper and efficient manner. How this changed happened suddenly?

Well honestly speaking this change didn’t happen overnight? BCCI has taken some serious steps in order to improve the communication skills of Indian cricket players, also IPL has also played a major role in the improvement of the communication skills of capped and uncapped players of Indian cricket.

As we all know that IPL is a league where all the top cricketers of the world play cricket together. At this time knowledge of the English language becomes very important in order to communicate with all the foreign players. I have seen many players whose English communication skills actually improved after playing IPL

Why Indian Cricketers are so Fluent in the English Language?

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