Can I Get a Job With Google UX Certificate?

Can I Get a Job With Google UX Certificate?

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The Google UX design certificate does not guarantee a job, and here’s how I got one. I completed this certificate on June 17th, and I had three projects to showcase. I built a UX design portfolio with three projects.

I created a resume and applied on LinkedIn to some companies that I was interested in; I was rejected or ghosted by all of them. I then began applying to companies that were looking for UX designers.

I was ghosted or rejected by all 300 companies to that I applied. I then began to leverage referrals, which meant asking my friends who worked in big tech companies to refer me.

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What is My Personal Experience?

Finally, I received an interview invitation from Slack. I got an interview at Google which I was so happy about I passed the first round of interviews and I felt great than during the second round of interviews.

I was interviewed by five people five times and the recruiter called me one minute before my interview and told me that the job was gone with no luck then I got an interview opportunity at work.

After the interview, I got rejected immediately because I just didn’t have a real-life project to showcase then I got an interview at Google which I was so happy about I passed the first round of interviews and I felt. 

Then, one week later, I was rejected without explanation; at the time, I reasoned that maybe I’m bad at what I do. Maybe I’ll never get a job doing UX design.

After much struggle, I was overjoyed when one day I received an email from someone I didn’t know asking if I was available for a short-term contractor UX design project, and I immediately said yes because I understood at the time that not having any real-life projects to showcase was a disadvantage.

Can I Get a Job With Google UX Certificate?

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My portfolio is really dragging me down, especially since I got my first UX design contractor role and assisted a mortgage application company. I work with this startup in the United States to redesign its website.

I worked with the engineering team and I understood what is it really like to be designing for the actual product to be designing within design constraints.

I also built a design system from zero to one and when I was around 80 finished I started to populate whatever I had for this project to my portfolio and replaced it. 

How did I Find and Secured a Job?

I started to populate whatever I had for this project into my portfolio and replaced my personal project. Before I also redesigned
my resume to include more numbers highlighted my impact act and also included as many keywords as possible then I started to reapply but this time using a very different strategy I used indeed instead of LinkedIn.

This time I set a boundary to myself to only allow myself to spend 30 minutes per day on sending applications and I focused on quantity, not quality. I mass apply it using one resume and I sent around 15 applications per day so that’s two minutes per application I didn’t really read any of the descriptions of those jobs.

I just applied to whatever is out there one week into this application process I started to get recruiter calls these recruiters not only have that one specific job but they also have more jobs especially contractor roles on their hands and I also got connected with two staffing agencies that represent companies like eBay to recruit UX design contractors.

These contractor roles might not always be available on the official company website. I got around three interviews two interviews from design agencies and one interview from eBay which one Staffing Agent helped me to find on February 17th 17 days of applying just for 30 minutes per day.

I got my first interview at eBay and it went really good. the first interview was just with my manager 14 minutes in I felt like I probably will get this and I was told that I passed this round we scheduled.

the second round of interviews with more people and this interview is with the entire team it also went pretty well and literally on that day right after the interview I got the offer and currently, I am happily working at this organization.

Your Mindset is Everything

I went through what you are going through now, and it sucked. Having a goal-oriented mindset will suck even more. Having a goal-oriented mindset implies that you are only concerned with getting that job. It’s a binary situation.

Everyone, yes or no, has the same goal. Please adopt a growth mindset during the failing phase of your job search journey. I was mostly concerned with when I would be able to find work.

All I need is a job. During the second phase of my job search, I began to wonder if I had finished applying to 20 companies. Today, if I’ve done that, I’m happy; if I’ve learned something new today,

I’m happy; that’s more of a growth mindset, and that got me to a job way faster than a goal-oriented mindset. I also suggest you set a boundary regarding how much time you want to spend per day applying?

I suggest you spend a maximum of one hour per day applying to stuff and spend the rest of your day living your life learning about design or doing what you always love to do.

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