Why Man Can be Educated but Can’t Become Cultured?

Education is derived from the word ‘Shiksha’, which means to learn, to study.

The word education has been used for teaching, learning, education.

Education does not mean only the knowledge acquired for book education or degree.

Education is the growth of knowledge but to develop the human mind and heart. According to ‘World of English Words’ the word ‘Education’ is of Latin origin, Which also means ‘raising a child’.

Education is the sacrifice to bring out the powers that are within man.

To be educated is to be polite. Earlier Gurukuls had a combination of both education and modesty. Sharad Babu says that education which narrows the mind and heart of man, the value will not be accepted at any age.

Education is not limited to any age but is a lifelong process. Someone asked Aristotle how educated people are better than uneducated people? Then he said, as many living as the dead.

Munshi Premchandji believes that education which prepares man to persecute the weak enslaves us to home and wealth, plunges us into luxury, makes us weak by sucking the blood of others, is not education but sheer corruption.

Karmayogi Maganbhai Desai of Gujarat University says that it is not important where the student comes to school or college but it is important where he leaves. If you become corrupt instead of being polite, then all the labor of education becomes useless.

Man is born with many mental influences of pre-birth.

Man’s behavior is shaped by it. While education is meant to purify the mind and heart, it also happens that man’s natural limitations do not allow him to improve.

Misconceptions about religion also hinder an educated person from living a virtuous, virtuous life, behavior, and speech.

  • The predominance of such sacraments is so great that it overwhelms the conscience of man. And man becomes a slave of corrupt intellect and behaves improperly, rudely, and shames education.
  • The function of education is to wash away the superstitions of man and make him cultured. Those who are pure in nature are devoted to becoming educated and living the great ideals of life.
  • Education teaches ‘learning’, teaches mathematics, but does not teach the masonry of Sanskar Bhavan. That is why even great graduates cannot be free from the temptation of evil deeds.
  • You have to give up a lot to become civilized. One cannot become cultured without a spirit of renunciation. One cannot become civilized without the observance of restraint.

Educational institutions should be a feast of ideas and virtues. But today when education is not a religion but a subject of business corruption, there is no scope in ‘online’ education to showcase Guru-disciple relations, Guru’s good behavior, Guru’s affection.

Dedication is needed to improve. If education comes to life then man becomes civilized. Sanskar-sadhana is penance. One who has a sense of self-learning can improve himself.

In this age of computer savvy man can become proficient in machinery and technology but without understanding and discretion, the ‘mantra’ of life cannot be proficient.

Final Conclusion on Why Man Can be Educated but Can’t Become Cultured

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