Why did Rohan Virdi move to the USA?- Rohan Virdi Vlog YouTube

Rohan Virdi is a Vlogger from the United States who is an NRI. On YouTube, he is known for his everyday lifestyle vlogs, as well as travel and tourism-related instructional films.

He is also a skilled dancer who has spent many years performing in Bollywood. He began his YouTube career in 2013 by uploading Hindi and Punjabi music videos.

In 2018, he began uploading lifestyle vlogs and quickly earned a large following; he now has over 5 lakh followers. On August 6, 1999, Rohan Virdi was born and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. As of 2021, he will be about 30 years old.

Why did Rohan Virdi move to the USA?

It is very important for you to know this one thing about Rohan Virdi that he is a choreographer and dancer and he was given the first opportunity to dance in Bollywood by the famous choreographer Farah Khan.

According to Rohan’s saying, he respects Farah Khan very much because she is someone who recognized his talent and gave him a chance to work with her.

According to Rohan’s saying, he has worked with the most famous choreographers of Bollywood and he has definitely got to learn something from all those people and this is the main reason why he respects all the people of Bollywood very much.

Well, dancing is that kind of art in which the dancer and choreographer are in possible threat of the injury and one bad injury can ruin their career and the same thing also happened with Rohan too.

According to Rohan’s saying he got injured while he was shooting for the Arjun Kapoor’s Aurangzeb. According to him, he had suffered so much in his knees that he could not even move at all and because of this, he could not do any professional work for almost 1 year after the treatment.

At one point in time, Rohan also started doubting whether he would ever be able to work in Bollywood again or not?

However, that’s the time when he found a work opportunity in one of the dance companies of the USA and that’s why he moves there to find better career opportunities and earning potential.

Eventually, he got success in his working endeavor, and nowadays he is happily managing his YouTube channel and his own dance company.

Right now, he has been followed by millions of people on social media and YouTube. This is what actually success looks like.

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