Deepak Soniya Meena 07 Love Story

Vlogging is actually making its way right now in India and so many individuals are earning lakhs by making their vlog videos. Vlogging and especially couple vlogging is nowadays becoming quite popular in India.

Vlogging has made a career for many people in today’s time and in today’s time, the couples who make vlogs are also followed by many people. In today’s time, another vlogging couple has become very famous in India and the name of this couple is Deepak and Sonia Meena whose content is being liked by many people.

Right now, today through this article, we are going to share some important information related to the Deepak Meena and Soniya Meena and their love story in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Deepak and Somniya Meena 07 Love Story

Deepak and Soniya Meena’s love story actually seems to be very interesting.

Actually, Deepak is very fond of playing cricket and this is the main reason why he keeps participating in many cricket tournaments in other villages too.

Once when Deepak went to Soniya’s village to play a cricket tournament, he saw her for the first time and that’s when he fell in love with her amazing and beautiful looks.

Deepak may have been very impressed with Sonia in his first meeting but he could not even dare to tell her about his feelings for her at first.

In fact, after seeing Soniya for the first time, he was convinced that he would probably never be able to meet her again that’s why he had forgotten all the things about her as just an attraction.

However, destiny has some other plans as they both again met each other in one family function and that’s where Deepak again fell in love with her amazing personality.

After that function, he somehow managed to get her personal mobile number and started talking with her through messages.

Initially, Soniya who is not quite interested in him has never replied to him for 3 to 4 months.

However, Deepak doesn’t even lose his courage and kept trying his best to impress her and at last, she also fell in love with him, and eventually, they both started dating each other.

Initially, both of their family was actually against their relationship but eventually, they gave a green signal for the marriage, and nowadays both are happily married to each other and enjoying their life with one another.

Final Conclusion on Deepak and Soniya Meena 07 Love Story

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