Who is Petia Devidova? – All You Want to Know About Her

It is said that people who work in the software engineering industry can really earn a lot of money and live their dream life.

To some extent, this is also true because in today’s time there are many such software engineers in the world who have succeeded in building their own empire on the basis of their hard work.

In the list of these fortunate software engineers, we can definitely add Petia Devidova who basically hails from London and works as a full-time software engineer.

She has completed her degree in computer engineering from the University of Manchester and since then she is working as a software developer along with this job she is also managing her own YouTube channel too where she posts lots of videos related to the lifestyle of software engineers in London.

In this article, we are going to share some important information about her in detail. Kindly please read this article till the end if you really want to know more about her.

Petia Devidova Biography

She is 24 years old.

She basically hails from Serbia.

She moved to the United States of America for further graduation when she got a scholarship and lived in phoenix Arizona for some time.

She is someone who is currently residing in Manchester, United Kingdom for the past 6 years and in between, she was also settled in Glasgow, Scotland for a single year.

According to her saying she was not so interested in Computer Engineering but she initially chose Architecture as a career option but her inclination towards Computers persisted her to choose the same as a career.

Till now she is also able to do 2 internships one at JP Morgan in Glasgow and the other one is at Amazon.

She is currently working as a full-time software engineer in London Bloomberg.

She is an art lover and loves doing drawing activities in her free time, in fact, she has also one dedicated Instagram account which just talks about drawing in detail.

Apart from Software Engineering and Drawing activities she is also fond of Gymnastics and Dancing too.

She refers to talking with people instead of chatting with them.

According to her, she is still dating her high school boyfriend and she loves him very much.

She can speak 4 different languages like English, Bulgarian, German and French.

She is too much enthusiastic about traveling and she loves to spend her money on the same.

She is really very scared of flying high in airplanes.

Her favorite alcoholic drinks are Vodka and Tequila Shots. In Non-alcoholic drinks, she loves to drink coffee.

She has also one sister who is a flight attendant and she loves her so much and can do anything for her.

According to her saying her parents are living in Bulgaria and her sister is living in Germany. So the whole of their family is scattered in entire Europe.

She is a huge animal lover and loves to take care of Rabit and Dogs.

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