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Friends, in today’s time we all know how important it is to learn coding to get a good job. In earlier times, people had a great shortage of resources and because of this they could not easily learn coding, but now things have changed completely and in today’s time there are many resources to learn YouTube is a very important medium in that.

Well, even if you look at YouTube then you will certainly find out some amazing tutors who are giving their best efforts to teach coding to different kinds of students if you are also someone who is using different YouTube channels to learn to code then you are seriously very familiar with the name of the Apni Kaksha aka Shraddha Didi’s YouTube channel.

Shraddha Didi’s real name is Shraddha Khapar and she graduated from the NSIT, Delhi in computer science and was working with Amazon after her graduation gets over. However, in today’s time, she has quit her well-settled job at Amazon and working full-time for the Apni Kaksha YouTube channel with the educational legend Aman Dhattarwal who is also one of the most vital entrepreneurs in the Indian educational system.

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Well, you must be wondering one thing here that if Shraddha had a very high-paying job at Amazon then why did she decide to leave it? Well, we would like to give you the answer through this article. If you are also looking for the answer to this question, then please read this article till the end.

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Shraddha was born in a small village in Haryana and her father wanted her to be an engineer right from the beginning this is the biggest reason why he paid a lot of attention to Shraddha’s education from the beginning. Shraddha also did not let his dreams go in vain and got admission to NSIT and started her educational journey.

Shraddha knew very that her family has worked hard to educate her since the beginning and because of this, if she has to give them a luxurious life, then she has to work very hard from the beginning. And because of this, she used to pay a lot of attention to coding from her first year of college.

Shraddha was very smart in her studies and because of this she also got an opportunity to do an internship at Microsoft company.

She had also become very famous in college due to her internship at Microsoft and after that, she also got a call from Aman Ghattarwal as Aman was her senior in her college.

Aman was very much liked by Shraddha’s instinct to work hard and because of this, he also gave her a chance to handle his YouTube channel Apni Kaksha and she also accepted his proposal.

However, in the early days, She was managing the Apni Kaksha YouTube channel along with her internship.

Shraddha was very successful in her internship too and that’s why she was also offered a permanent job at Microsoft but at a particular time, she realized that it is very difficult to manage both the job and the YouTube channel at the same time and this is the main reason why she left her existing job and focussing more and more on Apni Kaksha YouTube channel to increase the coding literacy amongst the students of India.

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