Ranbir Kapoor vs Ranveer Singh: Who is Better?

Let me start by listing the advantages and disadvantages of both actors.



He excels in scenarios with strong emotions. Nobody is better at it than him. Very self-aware and controlled performance.

He is one of the few performers who has mastered subtle acting, as opposed to using loud, overt expressions or delivery of lines. In close-up photos, no other actor appears better than he does. In extended close-up shots, whether or not there are any spoken scenes, he emotes to absolute perfection.

He has a really dynamic presence on film. He was able to stand out in a throng of hundreds of people when necessary and disappear completely when only a small group of individuals were present.

He is not only an actor for a director. He adds only his own sensibilities and sensitivities to the role, which has a negative flip side. You must occasionally have complete faith in the filmmaker and just adhere to his character-shaping ideas.

He accomplished it in Bombay Velvet, but sadly the director had a poor vision there.

As a celebrity, I truly like how reserved he is and how, in contrast to other stars of this time, he avoids being overexposed. He is rarely seen outside of the gym, the airport, parties, etc. It is a very welcome exception in the era of social media.


His selection of roles is unoriginal. Almost all of his excellent performances follow the same pattern of a lost youngster discovering his real self. The only hatke film that was worth praising was Rocket Singh.

Whether it’s Wake Up Sid, YJHD, or ADHM, most characters look and feel similar.

It appears that he doesn’t think it’s important to emphasize distinct traits, either emotional or physical, for different characters. In the majority of his films, they seem, feel, and behave nearly identically.

He seemed to have discovered his sweet spot and safe haven working with just the top names in Bollywood.

No matter how talented he is, the “nepotism” element deducts from his score. It’s terrible how he is considered as the Prince of Bollywood (perhaps through no fault of his own). His romantic life is extremely chaotic. The issue is not the number of splits, but rather how they were managed.



Congratulations to this man for becoming a hero in the nepotistic world of Bollywood. I’m not aware of anyone else doing it recently. He was introduced as the new “hero” in his debut movie.

Although there have been many outstanding performers who are outsiders, none of them began as the usual hero. (EDIT- due to several comments on this point: Both Ranveer’s maternal grandpa and Sonam’s father, or dada, are siblings, making them second cousins. In their interviews, they both acknowledged how little their families had previously interacted.

Ranveer received his break after pursuing an acting education, working in theatre, and competing against people like KJo who are strictly against anything but pure-bred Nepo kids.KJo had dissuaded YRF from casting Ranveer in Band Baja Baraat because he was not good and good-looking enough.)

He is quite energetic. It also permeates the roles he plays in the film. I think his characters are likable because of that vitality, which reverberates with the viewers.

His range of abilities is astounding. His Lootera, Ram Leela, and Bajirao came next. What a fantastic career graph with chances made that paid out so beautifully.

He was at ease switching characters from a native Delhi lad to the man of few words in Lootera, then to the dapper Ricky Behl, chichora Ram, aristocratic Bajirao, youthful Befikre, and Dil Dhadakne Do, and finally the villainous Khilji. He is only an actor for the filmmaker.

He may work wonders when working with talented filmmakers, but when working with bad ones, you’ll get movies like Kill Dill and Gunday. 


His acting is never subtle in any way. In most of his roles, he gives a somewhat over-the-top performance.

His gestures and facial emotions go beyond what would be considered a “natural performance.” Contrary to what I said about Ranbir’s pro, I don’t find Ranveer’s close-ups to be as attractive.

He uses his body, stance, and motions better than a full-blown close-up picture, making him seem fantastic in full or distant perspective shots.

Yes, Bhansali brings out the best in him, but for the time being, I’m done with their relationship. I would love to watch him work some magic with Tigmanshu Dhulia, Anurag Kashyap, etc.

His bizarre sense of style. His sense of style encourages me to not give a crap. I like His bizarre dressing sense but what gets me is that his fashion choices are getting more talked about than his work, which for me is a fail.

Final Conclusion on Ranbir Kapoor vs Ranveer Singh: Who is Better?

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