Elvish Yadav vs Amit Bhadana: Who is Better?

Elvish Yadav vs Amit Bhadana

So, a few days ago, the “BB ki Vines” YouTube channel passed the 9 million subscriber threshold, which is a huge accomplishment and the first of its kind for an Indian YouTuber. Which led me to question who would be the next to do it; at that point, Amit Bhadana appeared.

Amit Bhadana has unquestionably outdone everyone I’ve ever kept tabs on. More than 8.5 million subscribers in just over a year is quite astounding. Okay, enough with the statistics.

This area clearly belongs to Amit Bhadana, who has achieved his goals in half the time that Bhuvan Bam has taken and is just slightly behind BB ki vines in terms of subscribers. He makes quality content in the general comedy Genre. 

People who know him adore seeing his films on a daily basis.

This is also evident in their typical view counts.

While BB only has a few films that surpass the 15 million view threshold, Amit Bhadana routinely surpasses the 15 million view threshold for most of his videos.

And this does not include his Facebook views, where BB cannot equal him. Since Amit Bhadana’s videos are widespread general comedies and very relatable, viewers are likely to subscribe after watching them. Hence, the explanation for the sudden rise of subscribers.

Final Conclusion on Elvish Yadav vs Amit Bhadana: Who is Better?

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