Dee & Sha Vlogs – Diksha and Shashank Love Story

We all know that in today’s time YouTube can make anyone famous. In today’s time, many people of India do vlogging and it is actually very famous among the Indian couple.

Diksha and Shashank, who own the Dee and Sha YouTube channel and are well-known for their vlogs, have made a video to share their love story with the public. So, with the assistance of this article, let us try to learn more about their love story in detail.

Diksha and Shashank Love Story

The love story of Diksha and Shahshank is actually quite unusual.

In India, people usually fall in love with each other before they get married, but Diksha and Shashank fell in love with each other after their marriage was fixed.

Diksha, who basically resides in a Pune, has an inner wish to marry only a Pune- located guy as she was in love with her hometown and doesn’t want to relocate herself to a different location. That is the main reason why she requested her parents to find a guy who was living in a Pune Itself.

Diksha and Shashank claim that their parents forced them to meet for the first time through a matchmaking website. Whereas individuals nowadays pay more heed to their relatives’ remarks, Diksha’s parents took a somewhat more sophisticated approach and found a relationship from a┬ámatrimonial site for their daughter.

Soon after their first meeting, they started talking and spending some time with one another. The love evolved to start between them and finally, they both fell in love with one another.

Although, Diksha also revealed that there was a time that came before their marriage when they both actually completely gave up on each other. However, destiny has actually some other plans as they both are nowadays happily married to each other.

After their marriage, they also started their own YouTube channel where they share their daily lifestyle-related videos with their lovable subscribers. Their Vlogging channel is actually one of the most emerging and fastest-growing YouTube channels too. We really hope that they will continue to make the videos for the same.

Final Conclusion on Dee & Sha Vlogs – Diksha and Shashank Love Story

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