All You Want to Know About Temple Jewellery

Recently, famous actress Mauni Roy wore temple jewellery at her wedding, reminding us of the design of our centuries-old jewellery. The reason behind saying this is that since the trend of wearing modern design ornaments started among the people, temple jewellery has been worn only on special occasions.

Lakshmi Necklace: This necklace has a peacock or some other natural (animal-bird-flower-leaf etc.) design with Lakshmiji’s pendant. Wearing this necklace even with a very simple silk sari has made Manu happy. This necklace can be made not only in gold but also in Kundan work.

However, besides Lakshmiji, designs with deities can also be made in the necklace. You will also find many such light-heavy design necklaces ready in the jewellery shop. To this day temple jewellery is also being made in pink gold. Apart from that, a pendant necklace with the design of one of the gods in a gold necklace is also very expensive. Older women, especially those who have entered adulthood, look majestic if they wear such a necklace with a light-colored silk sari.

Ganesh Butti: We always wear modern designed earrings. But on special occasions, try to wear an embroidered design with a statue of Ganesha in the temple jewellery. People’s eyes will stick to your ears. Of course, if you want, you can also make a statue of any of your other adorable deities in the design of Butti. In this too you can make it more attractive by doing a little bit of enamel work.

Those who are fond of wearing clusters, i.e. dull, can also buy clusters with Ganeshji peacock or any other natural design.

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In addition, the earlobe also looks very attractive. The designs of gods and goddesses are carved in each petal of the ear flower.

Goddess-Goddess Bracelet: A thin bracelet or bracelet looks better than a bracelet in hand in temple jewellery. Jewelry designers say that since the patla-patli-bracelet is wide, various deities can be embroidered on it more nicely. If you want, you can make bracelets, bracelets, bracelets of designs of a single goddess or goddess or different gods and goddesses.

Final Conclusion on All You Want to Know About Temple Jewellery

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