Bryan Jun Biography LinkedIn YouTube

Bryan Jun Biography LinkedIn YouTube

I began my career in investment banking, and longtime viewers of this channel will be aware that I left that field in February to join a stealth business.

Today, I’m joining an NFT startup. In essence, that is all there is to it.

For those of you who don’t know, an NFT is a non-fungible token, which is essentially a digital asset you can own on a blockchain and prove that you own this thing through a bunch of gibberish code.

If none of that made any sense to you, you’re not alone; it’s a concept that I still try to understand and it’s quite a difficult one.

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I’ll basically go into depth about how I started my own NFT startup. Kindly Please read this article till the end in order to extract some valuable information from it. 

How do I go from Investment Banking to an NFT startup? – Brayan Jun YouTube


I feel as if I’m unnecessarily advocating NFTs or attempting to take on the role of some type of instructor.

I’m attempting to employ my abilities, which are in reducing ideas that others might find difficult to grasp and making them accessible to the general public.

in this job. In this firm, of which I’m a member, and perhaps because I’ve been brainwashed, I believe that NFTs are not just the future but have already begun to take shape. I am plainly biased, and now I have a reason to promote that perspective.

I really believe that one of the finest ways to learn is to teach what you are learning to someone else. I shall thus create wide content.

Since this firm is no longer undercover, I believe I have much more freedom in this position. Long story short, it’s in the fairly entertaining and enjoyable field that I would want to be a part of.

All You Want to Know About My Start-up

My career in banking essentially began when I went to a separate company.

That startup allowed me to build a network of contacts, which has now led to. excellent position at a newly established NFT startup.

By the time you finish reading this essay, I’ll be in Portugal attending a conference about this amazing NFT stuff. I really can’t pretend that this isn’t crazy, but I’m going to be in Portugal.

I must inform the 20,000 of you that my new business now operates the internet platform.

We’re a section of the blockchain called sol a, which has ward play and analysis. Anyway, that’s what we’re working on—soul analysis salon awakens soul—so clearly

There might be a betrayal update coming soon. I’m moving to a place with a larger base of people who probably know me.

If that’s a hint as to where I will be located in the near future, but hopefully that leads to more collaborative opportunities and meetups for whoever wants to get coffee with me because essentially I just got a new job and I’m working in the NFT space.

Now I know that people think that I’m crazy because I work in the NFT space. I know that people think that it’s like the dutch tulip thing and maybe it’s a fad but you know what I’m 24.

It sounds cool it sounds fun I think I can implement I can lend a lot of what I’m good at to it and we’ll just see how it goes. thank you guys for being part of the journey. 

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