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Iulia Feroli Biography

That is my disaster tale, and I believe that the role of the video scientist is also changing in a way that makes giving up on school sound bad elsewhere.

Yulia here; good day to all. As you can probably infer from the headline, we will be discussing my master’s degree in data science today. It didn’t turn out very well,

So in this article, I’m going to discuss how I began that master’s program, how I applied for it, and why I ultimately gave up.

I still haven’t fully mastered data science, and I don’t want to at any point in the future, so let’s start at the beginning.

How do I get Into Data Science? – Iulia Feroli Biography

I actually graduated from the master’s university in the Netherlands with a bachelor’s degree in data science. all the way in the south of the nation, but I thought that after finishing my bachelor’s degree.

Now that I had a better understanding of what it was and realized that it’s a field that I definitely want to be in nature, I looked into getting a master’s head as well I was already living in the Netherlands and I really liked the country and the culture.

I considered remaining in the Netherlands. I also chose the University of Amsterdam for my master’s degree. Since this institution is located in Amsterdam, I obviously wanted to reside there as well.

I was a little perplexed because this master’s degree actually turned out to be relatively entry-level in data science.

How do I get into a Master’s in Data Science?

Since it is a master’s degree, in my opinion, it is a more advanced course on the same subject—at the very least, it includes a bachelor’s. I entered that master’s office with that viewpoint.

Nevertheless, it turns out that wasn’t the case. This master’s program served as a basic introduction to data science ideas and some of the foundational courses required to even begin to comprehend what is being discussed.

So once more, you must acquire calculus, machine learning, and other sorts of mathematics before you can begin to comprehend those algorithms.

The issue at this point was that I had already taken it. all those courses before. everything that I did in my data science bachelor’s.

I studied calculus I already had basic machine learning and data analysis and all these things to give you a very strong background and foundation. if not even a bit more than that into the world of data science

Why did I leave My Data Science Master‘s?

I, therefore, believed that I already understood it, but I really wanted to hone my skills and become a master at it, if you will, especially because I had just begun my internship and knew that it would not provide me with enough money to support myself.

As a student assistant at the university, I actually took on a second job. Another thing I would advise if you’re conducting research is to consider applying for a position as a student assistant because it will be a huge assistance to you while you’re in college.

To find out if you can enroll in that, you should speak with your lecturers or look up the classes you take that contain laboratories, such as computer labs or exercise sessions. This is the main reason why I have left my master’s and started focussing on my existing job. 

Final Conclusion on Iulia Feroli Biography: Why I Quit My Data Science Master

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