Meet Annina and Vivian From My Sweet Dharma YouTube Channel.

When you are in love, it is believed that you are uninterested in everything else in the world and that all you want to do is spend as much time as possible with your loved ones even while planning for your future.

Because love never sees the boundaries and this is the main reason why you may have seen that several Indian youths have married foreign girls.

Indeed, if you open YouTube, you will find stories of many such couples who have happily adopted their partner’s country’s culture.

In one of such couples, you can definitely add My Sweet Dharma Channel’s owners Annina and Vivian for sure. 

Who is Annina?

In case, if you are not aware who Annina is then we would like to inform you that she is a Finland girl who is currently residing in Kerela after marrying her husband named Vivian.

She is a digital content creator, Vlogger, YouTuber, and Online Yoga Educator. Indeed, she is a personality who can manage multiple professionals at a single time.

So, in this article, we are going to share some important information related to Annina and Vivian who are the owners of the My Sweet Dharma YouTube channel in detail.

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Annina and Vivian Love Story

Annina and Vivian first met through online social media called Facebook.

Actually, many friends of Annina and Vivian were very much in common and this is the main reason why the former sent a friend request to Latter.

Vivian also accepted Annina’s friend request and later both of them used to chat with each other through messaging.

Later on, they both started talking with each other through video calls through Skype and this rotation keep continued for a longer period of time.

Despite there being many cultural differences and hailing from the countries whose habits are poles apart from each other they both somehow managed to find love between them.

Vivian is a singer by profession and he has his own professional music bands in Kerela, India. After marrying him Annina also decided to move there.

Right now, Annina is also active on her YouTube channel where she uploads the latest vlogs related to her daily life routine, and her subscribers also like it very much.

I really hope that this YouTube channel is definitely going to grow in a faster mode.

Final Conclusion on Annina and Vivian From My Sweet Dharma YouTube Channel

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