Bharat in Germany Couple Bharat and Alina Love Story

Do you also want to go to Germany to get an education?

To get an education in Germany, Obviously, you will need a lot of information and you can use YouTube to get this information.

In fact, there are many such mentors available on YouTube’s platform who give you very accurate information about what you have to do to get an education in Germany.

In such mentors, we can definitely include Bharat Chaudhary who is the owner of a YouTube channel named Germany in Bharat and shares decent information about Germany’s lifestyle in detail with the young individuals who really want to come to Germany for their further education.

The Story of a Person living across a Beautiful Café - Bharat in Germany

Bharat has also launched some of the courses related to the and you can access it on his website named

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So, basically, we are not here to discuss Bharat’s professional life. Instead, we would love to share with you the information related to Bharat and his wife Alina’s love story in detail.

Alina is his wife who frequently appears in most of his YouTube videos.

Bharat and Alina Love Story

Bharat and Alina first met at a railway station in Germany.

At that time, Former was studying structural engineering there.

Actually, Bharat was a newcomer in Germany at that time and he did not have much knowledge about the German language because of this he could not properly understand the instructions written on the railway station.

Then he saw a girl at the railway station there, from whom he took help to understand the instruction and that girl was none other than Alina. So in this way both of them had their first meeting.

Fortunately, Bharat and Alina were traveling on the same train and because of this, they started talking to each other.

According to Alina, she was of introverted nature from the beginning, and because of this, she did not feel much comfortable talking with Bharat in the beginning but still, both of them talked a lot in their first meeting.

After that, both of them were connected with each other through email for a long time.

According to Bharat, he had fallen in love with Alina at the first sight and this is the main reason why he did not want to lose her under any circumstances.

Bharat in Germany

However, due to her shy and introverted nature, Alina was still not agreeable to the relationship.

However, after this, such a turn came in the life of both of them, due to which Alina also understood the importance of Bharat, and later on, she also fell in love with him.

When Bharat’s studies were over then he went to India again and because of this, Alina also visited India twice.

According to Alina, she does not want to waste much time on things like being in a relationship in her life and because of this, she wanted to get married to Bharat as soon as possible.

This was the only major reason why the couple had decided to get married to each other and according to both of them, this decision was the best decision of their whole life.

Bharat in Germany

Right now, they both are happily married to each other and enjoying their married life too.

Also apart from this, they both also are quite very active on YouTube too where they both manage the channel named Bharat in Germany.

The channel’s growth is really good with having almost 2 lakhs plus subscribers on their name.

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