Akriti Rana Biography– How Journalism Changed My Life?

Akriti Rana Biography

I initially had to live away from my parents when I was in the tenth grade, which is when I started doing this.

I was living with my grandparents because my dad was transferred to a remote place when I  had to study and complete my 10th-grade studies.

Since this was the first time I had been away from my family, I was afraid to go, and without my parents, the school was strange to me. It was an enormous metropolis.

In Gurgaon, I was. My dad was assigned to extremely small towns, so I was forced to study there all of my life. I began writing in my journal every day at that point because I was so terrified.

Either some people would bullying or some people would drag me or things would keep on happening every day I did not have my parents so I started coming back home. 

So, Basically, in this article, I am going to share my all journey in detail. Kindly please read this article till the end in order to extract some valuable information from it.

Akriti Rana Biography – How Journalism Changed My Life?


The reason why I start getting worried is when I suddenly have too much work. I take so much stress over it that I really sit down and weep it out.

Rowan then instructed me to write everything down on a piece of paper, after which we would discuss how many days we have, where we can do what, and what will be most comfortable for us.

You’ll feel so relieved after you’re done writing all of that and won’t experience any tension because you now understand how to handle your job. It truly is quite helpful for my headache. 

What You Should Be Aware of?

Overall, I believe it’s a fantastic method to show your growth too. When I look back and read all the things I’ve written in the past.

I realize how much I’ve changed and you know in what direction I’m heading things, how I used to think you know how better I’ve grown at managing all of those circumstances.

As a result, I have retained this particular diary since it is so large. There is a section where I have also written, but it’s great and big to write everything down.

There are so many reasons why I adore Rohan, one of which is that if I’m angry or outraged, what happens is that we sort of just focus on the negative things.

So I go back to this and I start reading all the reasons I’ve written by I love them they’re like really random funny cute reasons also because I had to find like 100 reasons for the same. 

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