Nishitha Mallur Biography: Day in My Life as a Business Analyst

Nishitha Mallur Biography

Consequently, I must first go to work. Today, I work a hybrid schedule where I spend two days in the office and the other eight at home.

I typically check my phone as soon as I get up to see if there are any essential texts or notifications.

Here in Canada, it is currently summer, and I adore the weather. Today is a bright, sunny day, and it appears to be a fantastic day to enjoy most mornings.

I attempt to make my bed, and as I do, I mentally list the things I want to accomplish today. I’ve recently witnessed some truly incredible things. like the functions of a smartwatch.

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My Morning and Breakfast Schedule

Just throw two eggs into my air fryer as we’re having boiled eggs today. Every meal that I strive to add protein to makes me feel fantastic. I’m also going to eat all of this strawberry yogurt in this tiny cup.

Make sure you’re taking your daily dose of probiotics because your health is very vital. I’m about to pack my luggage and leave.

I typically use public transportation to work since it’s convenient, easy, and the greatest choice available to me given that I don’t drive.

The ride takes around 40 minutes, but I don’t mind because I have my music playing because it’s a great way to start the day while dancing to my favorite music I like and also it’s like having my little me time.

I also love people watching it makes me think of how every single person on this planet is the main character in their own story. 

What I Actually Do in My Professional Career?

Before I walk you through my day, let me explain what a business analyst actually does. I basically act as a link between tech experts and business stakeholders.

My job starts with coming up with technological answers for my clients’ issues. I also have to look for opportunities to streamline processes, even when the company in question is unaware of these opportunities.

To start, I’m going to see how things are going by checking my emails and meeting schedule.

I’m actually starting a new project today, and I’m attempting to comprehend the system architecture involved. We’ll spend the majority of the day working on that.

What is My Final Schedule?

Okay, so at 10:30 I have a meeting with a team member about a project I’ll be working on. I’m going to spend the next hour gathering all the information I’ll need for the meeting, but before I do, I wanted to quickly thank you and share my perspective.

I had to enter a meeting room for my 10:30 meeting. In addition, if there’s a meeting, I’d like to know to join it in a conference room so that I don’t disturb everyone outside because I left my headphones at home.

I’m now working on developing an application for users, So I’m currently involved in building an application for the end users I’m focusing a lot on how we can add value in some way to whatever exists already,

So, my job also involves writing user stories which make me concentrate on why we’re doing what we’re doing and that is so important as a business analyst.

Final Conclusion on Nishitha Mallur Biography: Day in My Life as a Business Analyst

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