How We Met EachOther? – Adi and Myra From Let’s Meet Abroad YouTube Channel

Adi and Myra From Let’s Meet Abroad YouTube Channel

Let’s go back six years and see how this all began. I traveled from India to Australia in 2015 to begin my master’s programme in Melbourne, and in the same year, Myra decided to travel there as well for a working holiday. Luckily, we landed up in the same sharing home, and the rest is history.

It was time to explore because so much had changed in those six years and we were both fresh to Melbourne. Of course, we rode our bicycles while doing this. We began traveling Melbourne and the surrounding area, and we also spent our first Christmas and New Year’s together. After a few months of getting to know one another, we had our first journey together in the new year. We flew to Tasmania and took a short road trip across this stunning island.

Adi and Myra From Let’s Meet Abroad YouTube Channel

The journey also had a negative side since we had unrealistic expectations for this connection. For example, I had no business moving to the Netherlands in the middle of my studies, and Myra had no business remaining in Australia because she needed to return home to finish her studies.

A separation occurred, and Mira made the decision to go to Sydney in order to experience more of Australia before our working trip came to an end. I was in Melbourne at the time, debating whether to try again with this connection. So guess what I did? I surprised her by flying to Sydney without even knowing where she lived. Eventually, I discovered her address, and we were once again together.

Mira, How did you feel when you unexpectedly ran into me in Sydney? Yes, that was one of the kindest things anybody has ever done for me, but at the time, the timing was not ideal. I had to return home, so there was no use in continuing, so we said our final goodbyes. Mira continued her journey but finally returned to the Netherlands via air.

I kept on studying in Melbourne, until one day, guess what occurred. After only a few weeks in the Netherlands, I returned to Melbourne since I didn’t want to miss out on being in Australia. This was the beginning of a new chapter, and there is now video content because I got a GoPro from this point we also started to fall in love with the process of documenting our journey and sharing this with family and friends, and guess what. we celebrated Christmas and new year’s for the second time in Australia and together we planned a trip to New Zealand. 

Our New Zealand Trip and Our Separation Again

Beautiful has been New Zealand. Going on these kinds of excursions brought us closer together than anything else, but every vacation has to come to an end.

It was like living in a fantasy world.

Consequently, when I returned to Melbourne to complete my studies and Mira took a flight back to Europe, we said our last goodbyes once more, knowing for certain that we would never cross paths again.

And after that, both of our lives went on independently, without communication, but by the end of 2018, everything had changed. I received one message, and we later exchanged texts and even phone calls, but I had absolutely no intention of responding because there was no more there was no possibility of us being together at all.

Our Nepal Trips and Decision of Be Live-in Relationship With Each Other

Although we were living entirely distinct lives in other parts of the world, the more I got to know her this time, the more mature I thought she seemed to be. Guess what occurred when our beliefs and the way we wanted to live our lives sort of grew in the same direction.

While organizing our journey to Nepal, we also managed to start our YouTube account. Evidently, important decisions may be made even when you and your partner are on opposite sides of the globe. When the opportunity arose, we both traveled to Nepal in September 2019 and reconnected with one another after a gap of 2.5 years.

We were determined after a month of crazy adventures in Nepal. we were determined this time to make it work but how that was the question of course.

We had no choice other than to have a long-distance relationship. in the beginning but we kept searching for something more sustainable plan Mira would move to Melbourne unfortunately. this was difficult because of our visa plan b I moved to the netherlands. 

And this is how our love story has been grooming over time.

Final Conclusion on How We Met EachOther? – Adi and Myra From Let’s Meet Abroad YouTube Channel

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