How We Met and Fell In Love? – Reza and Puja Khan Love Story

I’m sure you’re wondering how this adorable young Indian girl and this charming little Pakistani Iranian boy met and began their epic love tale. so make a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s talk.

Okay, so it will be four years this month since pooja and I began dating on March 7, 2017. I’m quite thrilled to be filming this video for that same reason, and I’d want to hear about it from your viewpoint. When Pooja Taylor didn’t know Raza Khan, who was she?

It was a strange thing in 2015, long ago. She was a young, 18-year-old woman who was eager to start college and eager to see a whole new world. She came from a very non-diverse neighborhood ready to meet new people from all over the world and be very studious because she was focused on her studies but at the same time she is a romantic at heart like a girl. can’t help but think that she’s gonna meet her husband

Reza and Puja Khan Love Story

I attended DePaul University with Puja and am an Iranian-Pakistani. At the time, I was a sophomore in college. I was only trying to enjoy myself and perform well in school. I was partying quite a bit. like going out with friends, but I can still remember telling myself, “I don’t want to get into any relationships.” I don’t want to get married till I’m about 25 if I meet someone. Therefore, I believe that the eight-year relationship is illogical. I’m sorry, I was mistaken. Let’s talk about our very first encounter.

Puja :

I’ll draw you a picture. At the Raymeyer Fitness Recreation Center, I’m at the front desk and performing my job when someone walks in.

I noticed a brown man working out at the front desk as I descended the stairs after my workout. I proceed to walk down and up to the counter where we exchange our locker keys and ids. I

believe our hands briefly touched, but I think I was sniffling a little bit. He said, “You best take care of that cold,” and after that, I just thought,

“Okay.” I sincerely hope this is the end, but I have no idea when or how it will happen or like I just really hope it does maybe like I don’t know what a couple weeks months later I end up uh actually getting a job at the same gym that resident was looking at.

He walked into the gym one day and saw me in the back working and I was like we get an email of like what the next like the next quarter shift schedule’s going to look like

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Reza :

She was simply so willing to accept everything. As a lady, I feel like I should have had my guard up because this is like anything like I don’t know like what do you want to know. I responded as I believed I ought to have, and I believe that was very like. We just, I’m not sure if we had additional shifts.

After then, it was more or less simply platforming until we reached this stage. where we would converse and whatnot since we kind of know each other. It was only a very casual acquaintance, very much.

Since we never really bonded, I wouldn’t really call us friends. They kind of simply disappeared, and I was confused. Junior king pooja is now a sophomore in college. schedules come out i’m telling you god is watching over us. I’m looking at the schedule for Saturday from ten to one.

again this is it like this is the time. you’re putting here my path right and the night before that shift


I recall thinking as I saw him enter the room. Reza looks pretty fantastic, alright. They suddenly start playing music reminiscent of Bollywood at one point.

The next day, I and my roommates were about to start our first shift. It was kind of like him playing hard to get, but strangely it really paid off for me.

That evening, we’re going to have a party. I believe I invited Reza over on Facebook, so we went to the shift and liked it there.

I was feeling swaggy when we completed the shift since the person who had just fallen in love with me the previous evening thought I was chilling. I started to crack as he was laughing.

Final Conclusion on Reza and Puja Khan Love Story

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