Gujarati girl went to America and got 2 Patents in the Domain of Robotics, Meet Ruta Parimal Desai.

Gujaratis are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and as a result, they have built their name in a multitude of industries throughout the world.

Gujaratis are known to have business in their blood. However, now is the moment for Gujaratis to make their mark in the field of technology, with Rutu Parimal Desai being the greatest example.

Let’s take a closer look at her achievement in detail through this article. 

Who is Ruta Parimal Desai?

Ruta Desai is originally from Navsari City but she now lives in Ahmedabad.

Ruta had a lot of interest in science ever since she was young.

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For this reason, after passing the 12th Science examination, she did B. Tech in Electronics Engineering from a reputed college in Surat.

After that, she went to America to pursue a further masters in the same domain.

After completing her Masters’s, Ruta had a desire to advance further in the field of Robotics and this is the main reason why she also completed her Ph.D. in this domain.

Ruta was a scholar from the beginning of her studies, and that is why she has gotten so many scholarships to help her finish her studies.

Her father, Parimal Desai, a government officer now working in Gandhi Nagar, has been a huge supporter of her decision to follow her desired job in robotics. May every girl have a father like this.

In her career so far, She has worked on many types of research. More recently, two of Ruta’s researches were patented on Design Techniques for Robot Behavior and Robert’s Control under Large Distance.

Ruta has done a terrific job in her career, and we Gujaratis are quite proud of her. I’m hoping she’ll make even more history in the future.

Final Conclusion on Ruta Parimal Desai

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