Who is Payal Zone? What is Your View on Her?

See, if you are very active on YouTube, then all of you must have heard the name of Payal Zone.

Payal is a YouTuber who is very active on social media. In today’s time, her channel has a lot of subscribers but a maximum of them come only to abuse her in the comment section of her videos.

Do you ever imagine what could be the reason for it?

We all know that today is the age of the internet.

With the help of the internet, many people have earned lakhs of rupees in today’s time. But if the internet is not used properly then it can also be very dangerous and its best example is Payal from the Payalzone YouTube channel.

Payal started her YouTube career with the help of educational content and she was also creating good educational content in the beginning.

But in the greed of earning more money to become famous on YouTube quickly, she has roasted many YouTubers so far. Because of this, the popularity of her channel has increased and she may be earning a lot of money too but in this digital age, she may have completely failed to earn respect for herself.

Payal still roasts the videos of India’s popular vlogger Saurav Joshi or is earning views on her channel by putting substandard and fake thumbnails in her YouTube videos. But you yourself think how ethically correct all this is and whether by doing this she will be able to sustain herself forever in the digital age?

I am literally hoping that she should read this article and change her strategy of gaining fame and earning money.





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