Who is Mr. and Mrs. Joshi? – Mr. and Mrs. Joshi’s Diary

Relocating ourselves to western countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom is actually the dream of so many individuals. Especially Indians are the fond of migrating into the various part of this beautiful world.

But we all know very well that everyone’s dream of going to America cannot be fulfilled. Because to migrate there, either you must have a well-set job or you must also have a lot of money to move there.

It is quite obvious that not everyone has that kind of resource to move to the United States of America and that’s why some people like me become happy only after seeing the vlogs of Indian people settled there.

By the way, in today’s time, many people like to do vlogging. But vlogging is not that easy for Indians living in America because they do not get so much time to do this and one of the reasons for this is that they have to manage their jobs along with vlogging.

However, despite working full-time in their regular job, many Indians have recently started doing vlogging who are residing in the western countries like the United States of America. Especially couples are trying to create indefinite milestones into the same.

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Who is Mr. and Mrs. Joshi?

Mr. and Mrs. Joshi are a couple who basically hails from Gujarat, India, and currently living in the United States.

This beautiful couple has become the “Talk of the town” just because of their vlogging videos as it is gaining higher viewing records and attention.

Despite, working full-time in their job, they both never forget to share their daily vlogs with the subscribers of their YouTube channels.

Actually maximum people feel that as soon as you move from India to a country like America, then life becomes easier for you. But this is not entirely true either.

After moving to America, you always have to keep in mind that this is a place where you have to earn money in dollars and spend in dollars only.

Being Gujarati in origin, this couple shares their vlogs in the Gujarati language only.

To date, these two couples together have made many vlogs by visiting many restaurants and tourist locations.

The most important thing is that the vlogs of both these people are getting a lot of love from the people.

In fact, their YouTube channel is definitely one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the NRI category.

Being a Vlogging lover, I have personally watched most of their vlogs in order to get some adequate information about the United States of America’s lifestyle and all, and that’s why I truly recommend you to watch their vlogs as soon as possible.

Final Conclusion on Mr. and Mrs. Joshi’s Diary

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