Who is Albeli Ritu? – Albeli Ritu Husband

Albeli Ritu Husband

In today’s time, in social media, people have a lot of pride to make vlogs of their personal life and because of this they show off their personal life very much in front of the imaginary world and the biggest thing is that those people Earn good money too.

Well, Albeli Ritu who is also known as Ritu Tiwari, who is currently residing in the United States of America is also a lifestyle vlogger and has uploaded many videos on her YouTube channel named Ritu Albeli.

Ritu is such a personality who has studied Mass Media Communication from India and has worked with a standard company like India Today for about 4.5 years. Basically, she used to work as a content writer.

Albeli Ritu Husband

Prashant, Albeli Ritu’s husband, is a portfolio manager working for a reputable financial firm in the United States. Prashant studied at IIT and began working as a portfolio manager at an Indian firm after graduating from IIT.

Following this, his firm offered him a job opportunity in the United States, which he gladly accepted, and he now works mostly in the United States. Ritu moved to America after marrying Prashant.

According to Albeli Ritu, she settled in the USA after marrying Prashant, and later she tried to explore so many jobs in the USA but every time she got failure and because of this she has now she has made her mind for establishing a career through YouTube.

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