Who are Margaret and Prashanth From the Word of an Adventure YouTube Channel?

Vlogging is a trend that is growing in popularity by the day. The trend of sharing one’s personal life with the entire world in the form of Vlogging began in India only recently when Reliance Jio launched the country’s fastest and cheapest internet, but the trend of doing Vlogging is quite old in the United States of America, where people enjoy doing it and their videos are viewed by large numbers of people all over the world.

The United States has the type of place and economy that draws people from all over the world to settle there. Many Indians have already begun to migrate. In reality, there are already far too many people who are married to foreigners and have moved there.

Let us tell you about a couple who are now residing in the United States and are both Indo Americans in this episode. Despite significant cultural differences, both of them are thoroughly enjoying life with one other, demonstrating that if your love is genuine, no one in the world has the power to split you.

Margaret and Prashanth From the Word of an Adventure YouTube Channel

For those who are not very familiar with this name, I want to tell you that Margaret and Prashant are an Indo-American couple who manage their own YouTube channel along with their full-time job.

In today’s time, both of them have become well-known faces on social media and their videos are also being liked a lot. Both of them got married to each other about 11 years ago. According to both of them, they are also very happy with each other. Apart from both of them in their family, they also have a daughter named Alexa.

According to both of them, they first met in Kuwait, and only after that did they become very good friends of each other.

Both of them, had grown up in different countries and because of this their family was not ready for their marriage, but later they had to bow down to their love and after that, both of them married each other.

According to Margaret, she wanted to start a YouTube channel of her own 8 or 9 years from today and because of this, she has now started this channel of her own. In which she keeps sharing daily life vlogs and lifestyle-related vlogs. Her vlogs are being really liked a lot by the people.

Despite being from different cultures, Prashant and Margaret are very happy with each other, which gives you the proof that if your love is true then the differences automatically end.

Final Conclusion on Margaret and Prashanth From the Word of an Adventure YouTube Channel

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