Where Was Severance Filmed?

“Severance” is a captivating thriller that combines elements of horror and dark comedy, offering viewers a unique and immersive cinematic experience. The film’s setting plays a crucial role in establishing its eerie atmosphere and enhancing the suspenseful narrative. “Severance” was primarily filmed in two key locations: Hungary and the United Kingdom.

Hungary, particularly Budapest, served as the primary filming location for “Severance.” The city’s diverse architecture and picturesque landscapes provided an ideal backdrop for the movie’s various scenes. Budapest, often referred to as the “Paris of the East,” is renowned for its stunning blend of historical and modern structures. The city’s rich heritage and iconic landmarks created a visually stunning environment that complemented the film’s dark and mysterious undertones.

One of the notable locations in Budapest featured in “Severance” is the sprawling Buda Castle. The castle, perched on a hill overlooking the city, boasts a magnificent and imposing structure that adds an element of grandeur to the film. The winding cobblestone streets and medieval architecture surrounding the castle create an eerie and foreboding atmosphere, perfectly aligning with the movie’s tone.

Additionally, Budapest’s famous thermal baths made appearances in “Severance,” showcasing the city’s unique charm. These thermal baths, such as the Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Gellért Thermal Bath, served as intriguing settings for crucial scenes in the film. With their atmospheric interiors and otherworldly ambiance, these locations contributed to the overall sense of unease and mystery that permeates the movie.

Moving from Hungary to the United Kingdom, the film crew also captured scenes in various locations across the country. One of the primary filming spots was the enchanting Ashridge Estate, located in Hertfordshire, England. Ashridge Estate is a sprawling country estate known for its stunning woodlands, expansive meadows, and historic buildings. The estate’s natural beauty and secluded atmosphere added an element of isolation and dread to the film, emphasizing the characters’ vulnerability and their desperate struggle for survival.

Furthermore, “Severance” took advantage of the captivating landscapes in Scotland, specifically the Cairngorms National Park. This scenic location, with its majestic mountains, dense forests, and tranquil lochs, provided a dramatic and visually stunning backdrop for the movie. The untamed wilderness of the Cairngorms National Park served as a metaphorical representation of the characters’ descent into chaos and the lurking dangers they faced.

Apart from these prominent locations, “Severance” also utilized various other settings throughout its filming process. The film features scenes shot in London, capitalizing on the city’s bustling urban environment and juxtaposing it against the characters’ perilous circumstances. Additionally, the production team incorporated several purpose-built sets, including the dilapidated and eerie cabin where much of the film’s suspenseful moments unfold.

Final Conclusion on Where Was Severance Filmed

In summary, “Severance” employed a combination of Hungarian and British locations to bring its unsettling and atmospheric story to life. The beautiful and haunting landscapes of Budapest, with its historic landmarks and thermal baths, added a sense of grandeur and unease.

The enchanting Ashridge Estate in England contributed to the film’s isolation and suspense, while Scotland’s majestic Cairngorms National Park emphasized the characters’ descent into chaos. These meticulously chosen locations, along with the purpose-built sets, worked in harmony to create an immersive and chilling cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.





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