where to watch dark shadows?

“Dark Shadows” is a Gothic soap opera that originally aired from 1966 to 1971. Created by Dan Curtis, the show gained a cult following for its unique blend of supernatural elements, drama, and intricate storytelling. If you’re looking to watch “Dark Shadows” today, there are several ways to experience this classic series.

Streaming Services:

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, “Dark Shadows” is available on various streaming platforms. Services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Tubi may have the series in their libraries. Subscription-based platforms typically require a monthly fee, while ad-supported services like Tubi offer content for free with periodic interruptions.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video often includes classic TV shows in its catalog, and “Dark Shadows” may be available for streaming as part of its subscription service. If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can check the Prime Video library for the series.


Hulu is another popular streaming platform that occasionally features classic TV shows. It offers a diverse range of content, and “Dark Shadows” might be part of its streaming library. Hulu offers both subscription plans and an ad-supported free option.


Tubi is a free, ad-supported streaming service that provides a wide range of TV shows and movies. While the availability of “Dark Shadows” can vary, it’s worth checking Tubi’s library to see if the series is currently offered for free on the platform.

Purchase or Rent:

If “Dark Shadows” isn’t available on your preferred streaming service, you can explore options to purchase or rent the series through digital platforms. Services like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu often provide TV show episodes or entire seasons for a one-time purchase or rental fee.


For a more traditional approach, you can consider purchasing the complete “Dark Shadows” series on DVD or Blu-ray. Retailers like Amazon, eBay, and specialized online stores may offer these physical copies. Keep in mind that the availability of physical copies may vary, and it’s essential to check the format (DVD or Blu-ray) and region compatibility before making a purchase.

Specialty Streaming Services:

Sometimes, classic TV shows find a home on specialty streaming services dedicated to vintage or cult programming. Platforms like Shout! Factory TV or the Dark Shadows streaming service (if available) may offer a curated selection of episodes or the entire series.

Check with Local TV Networks:

In some regions, classic TV shows find their way onto local television networks specializing in retro programming. Check the schedules of channels that feature vintage content to see if “Dark Shadows” is being aired.

Availability Changes:

Keep in mind that the availability of “Dark Shadows” on streaming platforms can change over time due to licensing agreements and other factors. It’s a good idea to regularly check the libraries of different services for updates on the show’s availability.

Final Conclusion on Where to Watch Dark Shadows?

In conclusion, “Dark Shadows” offers a captivating journey into the supernatural and is worth exploring for fans of classic television. Whether through streaming services, digital purchases, or physical copies, there are various avenues to experience the gothic intrigue and drama of this iconic series. As of my last update in January 2022, specific availability details may have changed, so be sure to check the current status on your preferred platforms.





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