When Blouse Becomes More Important Than Saree

The blouse is a broad subject. If you are wearing a saree worth Rs 10,000 and the blouse doesn’t have the guts, then the whole look gets spoiled. If there are no guts in the blouse, then the whole look gets spoiled. Blouses are made in many designs and patterns. Like katori, princess cut, blouse with darts, backless, strapless, side zip, etc.

On one occasion, Deepika Padukone wore a neck-tight blouse with velvet embroidered in the bust area. The upper material is Brasso. Girls having long and thin jugular necks can wear this type of blouse.

The blouse worn by Celina Jaitley is strictly for thin girls only.

Especially such girls, whose chest is not heavy. Her saree is very different and printed all over, so to highlight the saree, she has worn such a blouse in which only stone strips are visible on the skin.

However, to give proper support to the blouse at the same time, she has used skin-colored material, which looks from a distance like it is not skin and only stone strips. Since the back is open, a body shimmer has also been applied to it, which is very necessary.

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If you are wearing such a blouse, either keep your hair open or tie it completely up. Recently, Celina tied her hair up to highlight her blouse.

The backless blouse worn by Malaika is padded. Mostly such types of blouses are made padded so that there is no hassle of wearing anything inside.

It is necessary to have a beautiful back to wear such a blouse, so before wearing it, back polish and wax on the back should be done. Applying foundation on the back as well. Otherwise, the skin of the back will look different from the face.

Full Sleeve fashion in blouse

To make the saree glamorous, strapless and backless blouses were worn with it, and then Vidya Balan made the three-fourth sleeve trend a hit again until the style was recognized by all as Vidya Balan sleeve, and now the trend of full sleeve blouses covering the entire hand has come.

And that too in materials like net and lace. Here the saree is kept simple and the blouse heavy. As women are becoming more and more style conscious these new designs keep coming.

Final Conclusion on When Blouse Becomes More Important Than Saree

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