What is the Name of the Son of Lord Krishna?

The name of the son of Lord Krishna is Shri Krishna’s son, which is usually referred to as Shri Krishna’s Divine Son or Shri Krishna’s Divine Offspring. According to Hindu mythology and ancient scriptures, Lord Krishna had many sons, but the most well-known and celebrated one is Shri Krishna’s son who was born to his divine consort, Queen Rukmini. Shri Krishna’s son holds immense significance and has a fascinating story behind his birth and life.

In Hinduism, Lord Krishna is regarded as the eighth avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. He is revered as a supreme deity and a symbol of love, compassion, and divine wisdom. Lord Krishna’s life is depicted in the ancient Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, and he plays a central role in the scripture called the Bhagavad Gita, which is considered a philosophical masterpiece.

The story of Shri Krishna’s son begins with the tale of his parents, Lord Krishna and Queen Rukmini. Rukmini was a princess and a devoted follower of Lord Krishna. She was enamored by his divine qualities, his captivating charm, and his exceptional wisdom. Rukmini harbored deep love and admiration for Lord Krishna, and she longed to be his consort.

When Rukmini learned that her brother, Rukmi, was planning to marry her off to a prince she did not love, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She sent a confidential letter to Lord Krishna, expressing her love and requesting him to rescue her from the impending marriage. Lord Krishna, deeply moved by her devotion and love, immediately set out to save her.

On the day of her forced marriage, Lord Krishna stormed into the palace, eloped with Rukmini, and married her in a grand ceremony. This event is celebrated as the divine union of Lord Krishna and Queen Rukmini and is considered a symbol of true love and devotion in Hindu culture.

After their marriage, Lord Krishna and Rukmini settled in Dwaraka, a legendary city described in Hindu mythology. In due course, Rukmini gave birth to their divine son. The son was blessed with divine qualities, inheriting the wisdom, grace, and charm of his illustrious father.

Shri Krishna’s son, often referred to as Shri Pradyumna, grew up to be a remarkable individual. He displayed extraordinary talents, possessing immense physical strength, intelligence, and spiritual prowess. His upbringing was guided by Lord Krishna himself, who imparted divine knowledge and trained him in various arts and sciences.

Shri Pradyumna’s life took a significant turn when he was just a young boy. The wicked demon Sambara, who held a deep grudge against Lord Krishna, abducted him. Sambara, unaware of Shri Pradyumna’s true identity, cast him into the ocean, expecting him to perish. However, the divine child survived and was swallowed by a massive fish.

Fortuitously, that very fish was caught by a fisherman who presented it to Sambara’s chief cook. When the fish was cut open, the cook discovered the child inside. Recognizing the child’s divine nature, he brought him to Sambara’s queen, Mayavati, who was an adept sorceress. Mayavati nurtured and protected Shri Pradyumna, revealing his true identity to him as he grew older.

Final Conclusion on What is the Name of the Son of Lord Krishna

As fate would have it, Shri Pradyumna eventually learned about his biological parents and the circumstances of his birth. With his divine powers, he confronted Sambara and engaged in a fierce battle, ultimately slaying the wicked demon. This event marked the culmination of Shri Pradyumna’s destiny and established him as a revered figure in Hindu mythology.





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