What is Kasavu Saree?

Kasavu saree, also known as Kerala saree, is a traditional handwoven saree from the southern Indian state of Kerala. This saree is known for its simplicity, elegance, and the use of a unique combination of off-white and gold colors. The saree has a rich cultural significance and is often worn on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

The origin of Kasavu saree can be traced back to the 9th century AD, where it was worn by the royal families and aristocrats of Kerala. The saree is made of fine cotton and is woven on handlooms, which adds to its unique texture and sheen. The saree gets its name from the golden zari thread used in the border and pallu of the saree. The zari thread is made of pure gold and silver, which gives the saree its signature shine.

The Kasavu saree is a six-yard long fabric that is draped around the body in a particular way. It consists of three parts – the Mundu, the Neriyathu, and the Kasavu. The Mundu is the lower garment that is worn around the waist and is usually plain white. The Neriyathu is the upper garment that is draped over the shoulder and covers the upper body. The Kasavu is the border and pallu of the saree, which is adorned with intricate golden designs.

The Kasavu saree is available in different varieties, with variations in the border, pallu, and the motifs used. Some sarees have a broad border with minimal designs, while others have intricate designs all over the saree. The motifs used in the saree are usually inspired by nature and have a cultural significance. For instance, the paisley motif, known as the mango motif, is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Kasavu sarees are a popular choice among women in Kerala and are often worn on special occasions. The saree is also becoming popular in other parts of the country and is gaining recognition as a unique and elegant piece of clothing. The saree has even made its way to the international fashion scene, with designers incorporating Kasavu saree-inspired designs in their collections.

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Apart from being a traditional attire, Kasavu saree also has a significant cultural and social relevance. It is often worn as a symbol of pride and identity among the people of Kerala. The saree is also seen as a mark of respect and is often gifted to guests and family members during weddings and other important ceremonies.

Final Conclusion on What is Kasavu Saree

In conclusion, the Kasavu saree is a unique and elegant piece of clothing that has a rich cultural significance. It is a symbol of tradition, pride, and identity for the people of Kerala and is gaining popularity across the country and the world. The saree’s intricate designs and use of pure gold and silver zari thread make it a piece of art that is cherished by many.





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