Wattpad vs Inkitt: Which is Better?

Wattpad and Inkitt are both popular platforms for writers and readers to share and discover stories, but they have distinct differences in terms of features, community, publishing opportunities, and overall user experience.

In this comparison, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each platform to determine which might be better suited for different types of writers and readers.

1. User Interface and Reading Experience:

Wattpad has a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for readers to find stories they enjoy.

It offers a variety of genres and features like reading lists, which allow users to organize and save their favorite stories.

The platform also supports multimedia elements, such as images, gifs, and videos, enhancing the reading experience.

On the other hand, Inkitt also offers a visually appealing reading experience, but its interface may not be as intuitive as Wattpad’s.

Some users find it slightly more challenging to navigate through the site or app. Additionally, Inkitt’s use of multimedia elements is more limited compared to Wattpad.

2. Community and Engagement:

Wattpad has an enormous and vibrant community of writers and readers. It boasts millions of users worldwide, which means more opportunities for writers to gain readership and feedback.

The commenting and messaging features on Wattpad facilitate direct interaction between authors and readers, fostering a sense of community.

Inkitt’s community, while growing, might not be as extensive as Wattpad’s. This could lead to fewer engagement opportunities for writers.

However, Inkitt offers regular writing contests and promotions, encouraging writers to participate and potentially gain more exposure.

3. Publishing Opportunities:

One of the significant advantages of Wattpad is its track record of successful writers who have landed book deals or adapted their stories into movies and TV shows.

Wattpad Books is a publishing arm of the platform that connects writers to traditional publishing opportunities.

Inkitt, on the other hand, is more focused on its Inkitt Publishing platform, which uses an algorithm to identify potential bestsellers among the uploaded stories.

While Inkitt offers more direct publishing opportunities, it may not have the same level of established industry connections as Wattpad.

4. Discoverability and Exposure:

With its large user base and extensive search and recommendation algorithms, Wattpad provides better discoverability for new and aspiring writers.

The platform’s rankings and trending sections help surface popular stories and attract more readers to lesser-known ones.

Inkitt’s discoverability might be more challenging due to its smaller community and potentially less effective algorithms.

While Inkitt promotes some selected stories, it may be harder for new writers to gain traction and visibility compared to Wattpad.

5. Copyright and Ownership:

Both Wattpad and Inkitt allow writers to retain the copyright of their works.

However, there have been occasional concerns raised about copyright infringement on Wattpad, as it is relatively easy for users to copy and reupload stories without proper attribution.

Inkitt has implemented measures to protect authors’ rights more effectively, ensuring they maintain control over their work.

6. Mobile Apps:

Both platforms offer mobile apps for ease of access.

Wattpad’s app is well-established and has a larger user base, resulting in better app support and frequent updates.

Inkitt’s app has improved over time, but some users still report occasional bugs and issues.

7. Monetization and Paid Stories:

Wattpad allows writers to monetize their work through its Paid Stories program, where readers can purchase access to exclusive content.

Writers can earn money based on the number of reads they receive on these stories. This feature is not available on Inkitt, which might be a downside for writers seeking financial incentives.

Final Conclusion on Wattpad vs Inkitt: Which is Better?

In summary, both Wattpad and Inkitt have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Wattpad excels in its large community, exceptional discoverability, and proven track record of successful writers landing traditional publishing deals.

Its user-friendly interface and multimedia support further enhance the reading experience. On the other hand, Inkitt offers more direct publishing opportunities and has implemented better copyright protection measures.

Ultimately, the choice between Wattpad and Inkitt depends on a writer’s goals and preferences. If a writer aims to reach a vast audience and potentially secure traditional publishing opportunities, Wattpad might be the better option.

However, if a writer is more interested in exploring direct publishing options and is comfortable with a slightly smaller community, Inkitt could be a viable choice.

As a reader, both platforms offer an abundance of stories across various genres, so the decision would boil down to personal preference in terms of user interface and reading experience.

In conclusion, the “better” platform varies depending on individual needs and objectives, and writers and readers are encouraged to explore both platforms to determine which aligns best with their goals.