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Friends, we all know that Dubai is a wonderful place to visit. Generally, this place is very famous for travel among Indians. But one problem that Indians have to face in Dubai is that they are not able to get Indian food easily and vegetarians have to face even more problems when it comes to finding food that is meat-free.

However, there are so many restaurants are available in Dubai which are serving Indian foods and Vaibhav Restaurant which is situated in Meena Bazar is also quite famous for this.

We all know that Vadapav is one such street food item that is very popular among Indians. It is said that more than half of the people of Mumbai eat Vadapav daily. But can we get Vadpav in Dubai too?

See, we all know that when you hear the name of Vadapav, your mouth must have become watery. So today we will tell you a place where you can enjoy eating Vadpav in Dubai and the name of this place is Vaibhav Restaurant Dubai.

Vaibhav Restaurant Dubai

Vaibhav has come to the restaurant, Minabazar, Dubai. It is said that this market is about 36 years old and this market is also a center of attraction for the tourists. Every year many tourists come here and enjoy roaming here. Also, many Indian restaurants for eating are also available here.

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Talking more about Vaibhav Restaurant, we got to know in one of our research that Vadapav of this restaurant is very famous and its price is also very less. You can buy this Vadapav in less than 3 dirhams and enjoy eating it.

This price actually makes this Vadapav is actually the cheapest in entire Dubai and this is the main reason why so many individuals like to visit this restaurant frequently.

Vadapav is actually served with the traditional Indian chutney and I am quite sure that after eating this you are not going to miss your home country’s street food at all.

Also, many Indian tourists also revealed that the Pavbhaji of this restaurant is also very delicious and one must have tried this too when they visit this restaurant for sure. Indians actually have an obsession with Pavbhaji for sure and that’s why if you really want to eat this item in Dubai then believe me this place is definitely going to be on your top priority list.

The best thing is that so many individuals who are Indians and residing here visit this restaurant on a frequent basis to enjoy Vadapav, pav bhaji and other Indian foods.

If you ever come to Dubai then do not forget to visit this restaurant.

Final Conclusion on Vaibahv Restaurant Dubai

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