True Indian Akshit Shares His Story of Surviving in Canada as a Student.

Everyone’s aim is to become financially independent at a young age, which is why so many Indian students are now moving to Canada to earn while studying.

The major reason they moved to Canada is that the payout ratio in India is so poor, and one cannot survive here. However, pursuing a master’s degree in Canada is extremely expensive, with annual college tuition of around 12-13 lakh rupees.

We all think that getting even a part-time job in Canada is quite difficult due to fierce competition.

However, if you can get decent high-paying part-time employment while studying, you will be able to pay your next semester’s college fees with ease, as you can easily make $1200 per month while studying here.

Basically, through this article, we are going to share the story of Akshit who is a student and content creator basically studying in Canada upon how he managed his survival in Canada in a short way. We request you to kindly read this article till the end so you can definitely get some good amount of information from it.

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True Indian Akshit’s Story

See, if you do not know much about Akshit, then here we want to tell you that he is an Indo-Canadian student and YouTuber who is currently living in Canada and completing his studies.

Along with studies and jobs, he also manages his own YouTube channel and shares many videos related to Canadian student life and Candian lifestyle through his channel.

Right now, his YouTube channel has more than 150k subscribers available already and also this is one of the fastest-growing channels around the Indo-Canadian community on YouTube.

When Akshit arrived in Canada to study, he did so after paying his first and second semester expenses, according to him.

However, he, too, struggled to find work in Canada at first, and as a result, he was forced to rely on GIC funds.

According to him, he got paid $670 each month by GIC, and he used to spend up to $600 per month out of that. He faced a lot of difficulties at first since he couldn’t find work.

However, after finding the job, he used to earn $1100 every month and use the money from GIC to complete his regular expenses.

In this, way he added more than 6000 dollars by working for about 5 months, and later he earned more remaining money which is actually required for payment of the fees by working so hard during semester’s vacation and finally managed to pay all the fees together.

Right now, he is well stable in Canada and enjoying his personal life in a great way. He is someone who keeps updated his subscribers by regularly uploading various vlogs on his YouTube channel named True Indian Akshit.

Recently, he also bought a car for himself in Canada.

Final Conclusion on True Indian Akshit’s Story

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