Travelpro vs American Tourister: Which is Better?

Comparing Travelpro and American Tourister luggage brands in 1000 words allows for a detailed examination of their features, quality, reputation, and pricing.

Both brands have their strengths and weaknesses, catering to different types of travelers and budgets.

By the end of this comparison, you’ll have a clear understanding of which brand might be better suited to your specific needs.


Travelpro is a renowned luggage brand known for its durability and reliability. Founded in 1987, it has built a strong reputation among frequent travelers, including flight crews and business professionals.

Travelpro’s products are designed with the needs of travelers in mind, and they offer a wide range of luggage options, including carry-ons, checked luggage, and travel accessories.

One of Travelpro’s standout features is its patented “Rollaboard” design.

This design includes sturdy, inline skate wheels and a retractable handle system, making it easy to maneuver through airports and other travel environments.

Travelpro luggage is also known for its robust construction, often using high-quality materials like ballistic nylon.

This construction ensures that the luggage can withstand the rigors of frequent travel.


Durability is a critical factor for many travelers, especially those who are on the road often.

Travelpro luggage is engineered to last, which is reflected in the brand’s higher price point.

While you may pay more upfront for Travelpro, you’re likely to get more years of use out of your luggage, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Travelpro also offers several product lines with various features to cater to different types of travelers.

For instance, the Travelpro Platinum Elite collection includes features like an integrated USB port for charging devices, a built-in suiter to keep clothes wrinkle-free, and an expandable design for added packing space.

These features are particularly appealing to business travelers and those who value convenience on the go.

When it comes to warranty and customer support, Travelpro stands out.

They offer a “Worry-Free” warranty that covers repairs for damage caused by airline mishandling.

Their customer service is known for being responsive and helpful, which adds to the overall positive brand experience.

American Tourister:

American Tourister is a brand that prides itself on offering affordable luggage options without compromising on quality.

It’s a subsidiary of Samsonite, one of the most recognized names in the luggage industry.

While American Tourister may not have the same level of recognition as Travelpro, it has a strong presence in the market, especially among budget-conscious travelers.

One of the key selling points of American Tourister is its affordability. Their luggage tends to be more budget-friendly than Travelpro, making it an attractive choice for occasional travelers, students, or those on a tight budget.

Despite the lower price point, American Tourister doesn’t skimp on durability. They use materials like polyester and ABS plastic to create sturdy luggage that can withstand typical travel wear and tear.

American Tourister offers a variety of luggage styles and sizes, from carry-ons to larger checked bags, providing options for different travel needs.

They also frequently collaborate with popular franchises like Disney and Star Wars to create themed luggage, making it a fun choice for families and fans of these brands.

In terms of design and aesthetics, American Tourister offers a wide range of colorful and stylish options.

While Travelpro tends to focus on functionality, American Tourister combines functionality with vibrant and eye-catching designs, making their luggage stand out on the baggage carousel.

While American Tourister may not have the same level of durability and premium features as Travelpro, it does offer good value for the price.

Many travelers find that American Tourister luggage meets their needs for occasional trips and vacations without breaking the bank.

Choosing Between Travelpro and American Tourister:

Now that we’ve explored the strengths of both brands, the choice between Travelpro and American Tourister ultimately depends on your individual preferences, travel habits, and budget.

Choose Travelpro If:

Durability is a top priority: If you travel frequently and want luggage that can endure the wear and tear of the road, Travelpro is an excellent choice. Their premium materials and construction are designed to last.

You value convenience: Travelpro’s features like the Rollaboard design, integrated USB ports, and expandable options cater to travelers who prioritize convenience and functionality.

You’re willing to invest for the long term: While Travelpro luggage may be more expensive upfront, it can be a cost-effective choice over time due to its durability and warranty.

You have specific needs: If you have unique travel needs such as business trips that require wrinkle-free clothing or international travel that demands ample packing space, Travelpro’s specialized collections might be the perfect fit.

Choose American Tourister If:

You’re on a budget: If you’re looking for affordable luggage that still offers reasonable durability and functionality, American Tourister is a budget-friendly option.

You want a variety of designs: American Tourister’s colorful and themed designs are ideal for those who want their luggage to reflect their personality or interests.

You travel occasionally: If you don’t travel frequently or don’t want to invest heavily in luggage, American Tourister can provide you with a reliable option that won’t strain your finances.

You’re a fan of franchise collaborations: American Tourister often collaborates with popular franchises, making it a fun choice for fans of Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars.

Final Conclusion on Travelpro vs American Tourister: Which is Better?

In summary, Travelpro and American Tourister are both reputable luggage brands, each with its unique strengths.

Your choice should be based on your specific needs, budget, and personal preferences.

Travelpro excels in durability, premium features, and long-term value, while American Tourister offers affordability, style, and a variety of designs.

Assess your priorities and travel habits to determine which brand aligns best with your requirements, and you’ll be well-equipped for your future adventures.