All You Want to Know About Tori Masters and Chad Masters Love Story

Tori Masters is a YouTuber well known for her channel Tori and Chad Masters. She has over 40,000 followers thanks to her love of counseling and personal lifestyle and couples vlogs.

In 2016, she graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

In 2014, she was named Miss Florida, and in 2015, she placed third in the Miss America pageant. “OUR WEDDING VIDEO husband loses it when he sees her” is one of her most popular videos on YouTube, with over 600,000 views.

She has been married to Chad Masters. So, basically in this article, we are going to share some really very important information about their love story in detail. If you are someone who is looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Tori Masters and Chad Masters Love Story

Tori and Chad first met during a TV show and at the time Tori was preparing to become Miss Florida. Actually, both of them also liked each other in their first meeting.

Soon after their first-ever meeting, they connected with one another through the social media platform Facebook. On this platform, they started talking with one another and soon become very good friends with each other.

However, their dating story with each other is not normal. When Chad proposed to her for the first time, Tori decided to add him to a friend zone. You will be surprised to know the fact is that Chad was a friend-zoned by Tori almost for 3.5 years.

However, Chad did not lose any courage and continued to make her amused and later on, she also realized how much he loves her and accepted his proposal to be in a relationship with him.

Nowadays, they both are happily living with other and spending their lives with each other.

Final Conclusion on Tori Masters and Chad Masters Love Story

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