Toppr vs Unacademy: Which is Better?

Comparing “Toppr” and “Unacademy” is a complex task as both platforms have unique features and cater to different aspects of online education.

To determine which one is better for you, we need to delve into various aspects of each platform, including their offerings, teaching methods, pricing, and user experience.

Overview of Toppr:

Toppr is an Indian online learning platform primarily focused on K-12 education.

It offers a wide range of courses and resources aimed at helping students prepare for various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and more. Here are some key points to consider:

Curriculum and Content: Toppr provides a comprehensive curriculum with interactive video lectures, practice questions, and mock tests. The content is designed to align with various state and national education boards in India, making it suitable for school students.

Personalization: One of Toppr’s strengths is its personalized learning approach. The platform uses artificial intelligence to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the learning experience accordingly. This can be especially beneficial for students seeking to improve their performance in competitive exams.

Live Classes: Toppr offers live classes conducted by experienced educators. This live interaction can be valuable for students who prefer a classroom-like experience and have doubts that need immediate clarification.

Pricing: While Toppr offers some free content, its comprehensive courses and features come at a price. The cost can vary depending on the course and subscription plan, making it essential to consider your budget when choosing Toppr.

Mobile App: Toppr has a user-friendly mobile app, allowing students to access their study material and attend live classes on the go.

Overview of Unacademy:

Unacademy is another popular online education platform based in India, but it has a broader scope, offering courses across various domains, including competitive exams, school education, college-level courses, and even non-academic subjects. Here are some key aspects of Unacademy:

Diverse Course Offerings: Unacademy covers a wide range of subjects, making it suitable for students, professionals, and learners from different age groups. It offers courses on UPSC, SSC, IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, and many other competitive exams.

Educator Diversity: Unacademy features a diverse group of educators, including experienced teachers, industry experts, and even toppers of competitive exams. This diversity ensures that students can choose instructors who best match their learning style.

Free and Paid Content: Unacademy follows a freemium model, offering both free and paid courses. This makes it accessible to a broader audience. However, paid courses often include additional features and personalization.

Live Classes: Similar to Toppr, Unacademy offers live classes, allowing students to interact with educators and clear doubts in real-time. This live element can be a significant advantage for effective learning.

Mobile App: Unacademy’s mobile app is user-friendly and offers seamless access to courses and live classes. The platform’s mobile presence is one of its strengths.


Now, let’s compare the two platforms in various aspects:

Course Variety:

Toppr: Primarily focused on K-12 education and competitive exams.

Unacademy: Offers a broader range of courses, including school education, competitive exams, and professional development.


Toppr: Strong emphasis on personalized learning through AI-driven assessments.

Unacademy: Offers some degree of personalization but may not be as tailored as Toppr for school students.

Live Classes:

Both platforms offer live classes, providing students with opportunities for real-time interaction with educators.


Toppr: Paid courses with variable pricing.

Unacademy: Freemium model with free and paid courses, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Educator Quality:

Both platforms feature qualified educators, but Unacademy’s diverse pool of instructors may offer more options.

User Experience:

Both platforms have user-friendly mobile apps and websites, making it convenient for students to access content and attend classes.

Target Audience:

Toppr caters primarily to school students and competitive exam aspirants.

Unacademy serves a broader audience, including students, professionals, and lifelong learners.

Which One Is Better for You?

The choice between Toppr and Unacademy ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences:

  • Choose Toppr If:
    • You are a school student in India preparing for board exams or competitive exams like JEE or NEET.
    • You prefer a highly personalized learning experience tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.
    • You are willing to invest in a paid subscription for premium features.
  • Choose Unacademy If:
    • You have diverse learning interests, including competitive exams, school subjects, or professional development.
    • You want access to a wide variety of educators and courses.
    • You prefer a freemium model with both free and paid content options.
    • You are looking for flexibility in your learning journey.

Final Conclusion on Toppr vs Unacademy: Which is Better?

Ultimately, the “better” platform depends on your educational goals, budget, and the specific subjects or exams you’re preparing for.

Both Toppr and Unacademy have their merits and cater to different segments of the online education market, so consider your individual requirements before making a decision. Additionally, it’s a good idea to explore both platforms’ free offerings or tr





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